The six organs in the human body can be “removed” without affecting normal life. Is this true or false?

Introduction: There are many organs, tissues, parts and nerves in our body, which are divided into 7 major clinically. The categories are movement, respiration, circulation, digestion, nerves, endocrine and excretion.

For some patients, which organ is more important depends on whether they know or not.For example The brain, stomach, heart, kidney, and liver are highly recognizable, so they can be remembered at once in daily life.

Body organs have evolved over a long period of time , every organ has its practical use and is an indispensable existence. In the eyes of human beings, the body is subject to parents, not It can’t be missing anywhere.

But many people have some organs removed due to disease or environmental factors, Even if it is removed, it doesn’t seem to affect the patient’s life?

Do you know how many organs our body has?

Organs of the body work together for a common goal, a collection of body tissues, each organ Provide corresponding functions for human performance or survival.

But not every organ is necessary to survive, ours span>The body has only 5 major organs, which are absolutely necessary for life. They are the heart, brain, kidneys, liver and lungs, which are the organs necessary for survival.

If one of these vital organs is lost, the would mean facing death.

Of course, the body can also survive without other organs, but at this time, some medical equipment must be used , but a non-functioning organ, although no one can accurately describe the number of organs in the body.

But many scientists feel that 78 individualsbody Organs are used to think of important organs in the body, such as the pancreas, tongue, stomach, thyroid, urethra, and many single or paired organs.The teeth and bones in different parts are only Could be an organ.

The body as a whole is like an organ< span>, every organ in the concert belongs to the performer, but some organs have to be removed due to some illnesses, But this situation doesn’t affect people’s normal, so let’s take a look at it today.

The 6 organs in the human body can be “removed” without affecting normal life. Is this true or false?


Once the respiratory system is damaged, it will easily lead to the invasion of bacteria and viruses, and there will be problems such as tonsil enlargement and edema.

The tonsils are located in the throat, once the tonsils appear If the disease is damaged, it will easily affect people’s normal swallowing function, causing the tonsils to become red, swollen, dry, itchy, hot and painful, and difficult to swallow. lost.

In severe cases, surgical resection is required,< strong>This will help to avoid re-inflammation, and the tonsils will not affect the body after the removal of the tonsils.


In the eyes of most people, the coccyx is a short plate gap left by evolution. With the continuous extension of the times, the coccyx will gradually be replaced, or even disappear easily.

In fact, the coccyx plays a huge role and can also play some substantial roles in our daily life. For example, it can effectively reduce the pressure on the spine, prevent the spine from being injured and concussion, and it can also balance the weight of the body.

If the medical problem can be followed by surgery for maintenance treatment, generally It is not recommendedto release it by itself in most cases, but in most cases it seems that the prognosis after coccyxectomy is relatively good, and it will not bring obvious discomfort to the health of the body.


The secretion of some mucus and the storage of bile need to be completed by the gallbladder under the liver. Some people do not pay much attention to their diet because of physical reasons in their daily life , it will easily lead to gallbladder polyp problems.

The longer the time goes on, the higher the risk of cancer, and the health of the individual< /span>, after cholecystectomy, it may easily affect people’s digestive function in a relatively short period of time.

But over time, the common bile duct in the body takes over the storage role of the gallbladder, span> Slowly, it will no longer affect people’s digestive function, and it will not bring a burden to physical health.


The appendix is ​​located at the lower right of the abdomen, a relatively hidden part between the ileum and the cecum. The appendix is ​​a very important metabolic organ. Nowadays, many young people are due to genetic reasonsVeterin, coupled with an irregular diet, can easily lead to appendicitis.

The appendix is ​​immune to virus invasion and resistant to bacteria, span>If a long-term unhealthy diet leads to a burst of inflammation and induces appendicitis, doctors usually recommend removing the appendix to relieve the pain..

Removal of the appendix does not cause much damage to the body, a period of It will recover on its own over time without other physical burdens.


The sinuses have four pairs of cavities on both sides of the nasal cavity. The location of the cavities is relatively hidden, but the sinuses are prone to hyperplasia or polyps.It can even easily induce the appearance of cysts.

and the sinuses are relatively close to where you breathe, so it will be easy to span>It is easy to induce respiratory inflammation, and it also increases the risk of otitis media and transient tinnitus. It is estimated that it will easily affect people’s hearing and vision, and it will also easily reduce the quality of life.

If the problem is serious, the sinus wall can be removed surgically, Generally, it doesn’t have much of an impact on your health.

wisdom teeth

Maybe many people know that every a person has about 32 teeth, but there are many people who have oral cavity There were only 28 teeth, and the rest were some wisdom teeth that didn’t grow.

A person typically develops an oral cavity around age 20 Among them, there are 4 wisdom teeth, but wisdom teeth generally do not grow smoothly, and it is easy to bring some pain to people in the process of growing.

If wisdom teeth are not removed, inflammation can easily develop in the mouth,It is also easy to cause oral problems, and the removal of wisdom teeth will solve the oral diseases without affecting the body.

Conclusion: Although our body is a particularly complex structure, there are some organs in this structure that are What can be excised, even after excision, our body will not be affected too much, but we can’t ignore personal health because of this. After all, a healthy body is more important than anything.