The sequelae of scorpion sores are painful, share my treatment ideas and medication experience

Herpes zoster, also known as “snake sores, waist-wrapped fire pills, zoster zoster, spider sores” in traditional Chinese medicine, is a group of blisters on the skin, painful Acute herpetic skin disease. This disease is mostly caused by internal emotional injury and improper diet, which leads to dysfunction of the spleen, accumulation of dampness and heat, susceptibility to toxins, and accumulation of dampness, heat, fire and toxins on the skin; Caused by; or because of liver stagnation turning into fire, external channeling of the skin, and betting of damp-heat in the liver meridian; in the later stage, it is mostly due to deficiency of liver and kidney yin, and obstruction of qi and blood. In addition, the elderly or patients with weak constitutions, due to the consumption of poisonous heat and yang qi, or excessive use of bitter cold and yang qi during the treatment process, resulting in yang deficiency and cold coagulation, robbing and damaging yin fluid, resulting in loss of nourishment in the meridians and collaterals, remaining evils are not exhausted, Postherpetic neuralgia can occur when the meridian is blocked by numbness. The curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine is remarkable. Now I will share my medical case:

Wang Moumou, male, 72 years old, first diagnosed in March 2022, suffering from herpes zoster on the right waist and abdomen for 20 years God, the pain was unbearable. He has a history of diabetes, emphysema, and pulmonary heart disease. After the outbreak of herpes zoster this time, the symptoms of emphysema also aggravated, and she had a cough with white phlegm. Mental distress, dull complexion, coughing and shortness of breath, fear of cold, fatigue, poor appetite and sleepiness, dry stool for several days, severe pain in the right waist and abdomen. The tongue is fat and large, the tongue is dark purple, ecchymosis, the coating is light yellow and thick, the pulse is stringy and hard, and the comprehensive observation, tongue, and pulse show obvious signs of yin and yang decline, and stasis at the same time. Follow-up visit after a week: Patient after medication The pain is still severe, but it is much less than before, but the shortness of breath is severe, and I can sit up and breathe. After more than one month of treatment with this prescription, the pain disappeared, the shortness of breath, cough and asthma all disappeared, and she was able to lie on her back.