Draw concentric circles together

Thousands of people draw concentric circles together!

You are humble and dare not forget to worry about the country!

One ​​Title

Zhang Guanxiong< /p>

The epidemic must be prevented,

The economy must be stabilized,

Safety must be preserved,

people’s livelihood must be preserved,

people’s sentiments must be remembered,

Thoughts must be overcome,

Capital must be controlled,

Loopholes must be plugged,< /p>

Seize opportunities,

Control public opinion,

Rumours must be stopped,

The crooked wind must be resisted,

The evil must be stopped,

Corruption must be curbed,

The red flag must be held up,

The backbone must be Hold on,

Protect your dignity,

Carry on your mission,

Tradition must be preserved,

Jiangshan must be preserved.