The same origin of medicine and food: Lianhua Qingwen, Pu’er tea and Pfizer special effects

Before I took this title, I thought for a long time, why? Although I have a health manager and nutritionist certificate, I don’t like to use the western method of health management to control the indicators with dosage. This is a very mechanical method. In most cases, it only helps the human body to slowly oxidize and deteriorate. Therefore, I prefer to use traditional Chinese methods to help people restore their health, and the principle here is: medicine and food are of the same origin. Of course, as a health management, we should not interfere in the issue of therapeutic effects and medicines, but as a health management, as one aspect of restoring bodily functions, we have to control the effects of medicines and foods. In other words, as a health management Management, we must master the effects of food and medicine. After all, when reading health management, we need to use dodder and other materials, which are between food and medicine.

Of course, before using these, it is necessary to understand the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine actually include Western The whole of nutrition science also includes western anatomy, life science, etc. Its dimension is much higher than that of western medicine. If you do not understand the traditional meaning of words, it is easy to be biased. Take Lu Yu’s “Tea” As far as the Classics are concerned, there are many words in it that cannot be understood in a single way. Therefore, to talk about the system of traditional Chinese medicine, we need to analyze it from the fundamental system principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

As a Western medicine, if you only understand cells and viruses, it is too low , After a deeper development, Western medicine and science and technology are connected, from atoms, to molecules, to the bases of matter, to understand life, and to have heredity. In addition, in the field of life sciences, science has discovered that light and sound can affect the changes of genes. That is to say, the superstitions such as charms and blessings in China have been completely explained by science, that is to say, we The experience of the ancients, if certain conditions are met, a lot of it should be true, right?

If you are serious, you can come and practice, because the ancient tea saint may have such a technique. maybe. I only say this because I can help you experience ancient ancient techniques through demonstrations, not to make you believe or doubt and deny traditional Chinese technology, because, although I can demonstrate through demonstrations, I can let you know that getting healthy It is very simple, but at the scientific level, the West is too far ahead of us, and it can create more tricks to interfere with our cognition, thus leading our logical thinking. For example, some Western scientists such as Musk, in short In just a few months, it has been possible to achieve remote control of the brain without the need to implant chips in the body.

I’m not trying to scare people or create panic, I just want you Come and learn how to eat, it can help you a lot, let you avoid many dangers, because you still have the right to choose, it may be unknown in the future, because by learning how to eat, you can know how to be healthy, so don’t worry about choosing Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, or Pfizer, which costs 2,300 yuan for Western medicine. If you can stay healthy all the time, you won’t need to implant chips, or use nanorobots to remove lesions and monitor your health in the future. But if everyone doesn’t know how to eat, the world is full of infectious diseases and epidemics, then everyone will face not only spending more money, but also monitoring our privacy because of implanted chips, right? ? But for some people, being controlled and controlled doesn’t matter. Just like Musk said: Most people don’t need to live that long. Excessive lifespan will lead to “social suffocation”. If it is your turn, what will happen to you if you are controlled?

Speaking of whether Lianhua Qingwen is effective this time, Wang Sicong’s doubts about Lianhua have his own ideas. Yes, to him, he is an ordinary person who doesn’t understand the facts, but he just understands more information than us, but he doesn’t know the effect of medicine at all, so let alone many people who eat melons. If Wang Sicong himself understands the quality of food and medicine, then he will analyze the medicinal properties of Lianhua Capsule itself instead of looking at the certificate, because he is not bad, at least he knows more data than ordinary people. A lot, but he only said a little bit, what does that mean?

As the theory of the homology of medicine and food, whether it is medicine, food , From a scientific perspective, they are all ingredients, and the amount of ingredients determines their effects, but many people have some problems in their brains, such as using weight as mass to indicate that their ingredients are the same, and some will use certification. To explain, but why are there more and more people with sub-health and chronic diseases when there are more and more biochemical genetically modified foods? In other words, are more and more people suffering from chronic poisoning? Our bodies are detoxifying themselves, so where is the energy to deal with the new coronavirus? Of course, I’m just talking about the theory, which is a macro understanding of the body’s explanation, not a professional explanation, but if we find the right food standard, do you think we will still be afraid that the quality of food will bring us diseases? In the Tang Dynasty, when plagues continued, Lu Yu could still go to the virgin forest to pick tea. Do you think it was a coincidence?