The room temperature in the German Bundestag is only 18°C, and members of the parliament wear down jackets and scarves

“The German Bundestag has become very cold, uncomfortably cold.” As Europe is in an energy crisis, the German “Der Spiegel” reported that the weather is getting colder, but the German Bundestag is still cutting energy. Consumption, the German parliamentarians complained about it.

“Der Spiegel” mentioned in this report entitled “The Ice Age of Parliament” that some German ministers and parliamentarians also wear thick clothes in the office, such as wearing turtleneck sweaters under their coats , even with a shawl or scarf.

“Der Spiegel” Report with pictures.

The German media quoted Renate Künast, a member of the Green Party, as describing: “I sat in the office in a down jacket and kept running around. Even so, the past After a short while, I caught a cold.”

It is said that just over a week ago, the room temperature in the German Bundestag dropped significantly. The thermostat in Knuster’s office showed the room temperature at just 18.2°C. She also revealed that the temperature had been lower the day before, and that some of her colleagues’ offices were in worse condition, possibly endangering their health.

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