China United Property Insurance Weihai Zhongzhi apple target price insurance project makes fruit farmers feel more at ease

It’s the season of another year’s harvest of apples, and Yue Jiandong, chairman of Rongcheng Huafeng Fruit Professional Cooperative, feels very at ease. He said: “In the past, I worried about apples every year. I was either afraid of weather disasters or price fluctuations, and I couldn’t sell them at a good price. Before the government provided us with planting insurance to protect against disaster risks, now we have China United Property Insurance’ “Insurance + futures” as guarantee, apple harvest has “double insurance”, I just need to improve the quality of apples.”

In August this year, China United Property Insurance Weihai Central Branch continued to open in Rongcheng City Apple Target Price Insurance Program. During the project undertaking period, China United Property & Casualty Insurance Rongcheng Branch, under the guidance of the local government department, organized on-site publicity meetings in various townships, and sent the “insurance + futures” business explanation and popular science to the township cadres and village secretaries. Door-to-door publicity and guidance, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of fruit farmers to participate, complete the underwriting work on schedule, and strive to support the umbrella of harvest for local fruit farmers through the services of professional teams, and inject financial vitality into the apple industry in Rongcheng area.

The target price of apples this year is set at 9146.6 yuan per ton, of which farmers pay 50 yuan per ton for insurance premiums, and the rest will be subsidized by the Zhengshang Institute and local finance. This year, China United Property & Casualty Insurance underwrote 2,900 mu of apple price insurance in Rongcheng, and the compensation reached more than 5.21 million yuan.

Industrial revitalization is an important measure to promote rural revitalization. China United Property & Casualty Insurance will focus on building a new insurance system for the apple industry. Income insurance, at the same time, introduces supply chain thinking and adopts innovative thinking such as “order planting, bank credit, smart management, and supply chain sales” to provide farmers with planting and sales end guarantees, helping farmers obtain further stable expected income, and providing apple planting Provide a new model of risk management for the industry, and provide strong support for the continuous promotion of financial support for rural revitalization.

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