The retired police dog “run away from home”, looked back and cried for a moment

Recently, a retired police dog lost contact with the police station

The police called the public After the video, I found that

The police dog is looking back

It used to work for 7 years

It left silently< /strong>

This scene made many netizens cry

After the retired police dog looked back at the police station

Silently “run away from home”

November 20

Yunnan Wenshan Border Management Detachment< /span>

Su Yulian, trainer of Langheng Border Police Station

In Anliang Police Department

When preparing to feed the retired police dog “Black Ze”

I found that it was not in the kennel

Called around but couldn’t find it

He hastily called up the public video screen to check

found that “black Ze” quietly left in the afternoon

Looking back deeply at the police room at the door

After the comrades in arms knew it

Immediately shouted around the surrounding roads and villages

But there is no news

The old man in the village told the police

“A loyal dog feels his time is numbered

Will choose to leave home and leave quietly

To avoid the owner being sad”< /p>

The next day, the police expanded their search area

Finally at a distance from the police station Back Mountain

The halfway up the mountain at about 600 meters

Found “Heisawa” lying quietly on the ground

When they came down from the mountain with “Heisawa”

Just below is the Anliang Police Office

Su Yulian said: “‘Heize’ is very familiar Spirituality

I want to guard until death

It has guarded the place for 7 years”

On duty for more than 6 hours a day

< p data-track="37">It has guarded the border for 7 years

“Heisawa” was born in May 2014

is a shepherd dog

In September 2015, it came to

Langheng border police station

Become the detachment to carry out major border management tasks

The main force for arresting criminals and border investigation

Over the past 7 years of guarding the border

“Heisawa” has been on duty every day on average

Or more than 6 hours of training

Participated in more than 2,500 times in total

April 18, 2022

“Kurosawa” due to age and body Status

Can no longer participate in training and duty

Lang The police of Hengbian Police Station

held a decommissioning ceremony for it

< span>When everyone saluted and bid farewell to it

“Kurosawa” seemed to understand

Stand up with a trembling body to return the gift

The trainer decided to accompany “Kurosawa” to die.

“I will never allow it to leave alone”

After “Black Ze” retired

It is no longer suitable for adoption by caring people

Su Yulian kept him in the police station

planning to accompany him to the end of his life

After retiring, “Kurosawa” is faltering

But every time I listen to When the siren sounds

I will try my best to get to the front of the car

Wag your tail and want to go on a mission together

The police refused to let it go, so it lay at the door

Waiting for the police car to come back before returning to the kennel

< div class="pgc-img">

Recently, “Kurosawa” has been deteriorating< /span>

This is already

It is the third time quietly Leaving the police room

Instructor Su Yulian said

“We were born and died together

Now it wants to leave alone, I will never allow it”

Source: CCTV News, Yunnan Wenshan Border Management Detachment