The Qixi Festival drives romantic consumption! All kinds of gifts usher in a small climax of consumption

On the prosperous Beijing Road business district, under the witness of everyone, romantic stories dominate the sky over the city, making the confession extraordinary and dazzling. The big screen of 100 shares contracted the romantic confession of sweet lovers. August 4th is the annual Qixi Festival. The air in the Beijing Road business district is filled with romance and happiness.

As one of the most romantic traditional festivals in China, many lovers will choose to confess their hearts to each other on Qixi Festival and send carefully prepared gifts , to express affection. Many local supermarkets in Guangzhou have also launched a variety of activities, creating many new Internet celebrity check-in places, promoting the “romantic” economy and stimulating consumer demand. Data from online channels such as e-commerce platforms and takeaway platforms shows that on the Chinese Valentine’s Day this year, flowers and products suitable for gifts between couples have good sales.

Local shopping mall: “Qixi Magpie Bridge”, starry sky camping creates a romantic atmosphere< /strong>

During the Qixi Festival, how can there be less romantic activities? The reporter learned that Guangzhou Friendship, Grandview Plaza, and Guangbai Co., Ltd. are the representatives The local mall has created a series of romantic activities for “lovers”.

Located at Grandview Plaza in Tianhe business district, the event of “Magpie Bridge Fair” was launched, which was “airborne” on the 3rd and 4th floors of North Street The two “Qixi Magpie Bridges” have attracted many tourists to check in and visit. In addition to setting up exquisite and romantic Meichen for tourists to take photos and punch cards, there is also a Qixi Festival prayer activity on the spot. Tourists can collect prayer tickets on the spot and write their wishes or blessings on the magpie bridge. After making a wish, there will be “Cowboy” and “Weaver Girl” “Send coupons and gifts. It is worth mentioning that the “Fun Handmade Oil Slick Flowers” Qixi Festival special event held by Grandview Natural Science Museum, a popular science teacher taught to make oil slicks that are more durable than flowers.

Coming to Guangzhou Friendship Huanshi East Store, couples can not only experience the romance of the galaxy through the aerospace VR experience, but also experience flower DIY and hand-painting , ice cream truck, food class and a series of activities. At the event site, romantic pink and red Chinese Valentine’s Day gift boxes are dazzling, spreading the romantic atmosphere to every corner. According to the person in charge of Guangzhou Friendship, famous watches, jewelry and gold ornaments have become popular choices for gifts on the Qixi Festival.

In addition, the reporter also learned that in Guangbai Beijing Road Store Guangbai Plaza, The thousand-year-old ancient road has become a check-in place for new Internet celebrities on the Qixi Festival. Starry sky camping style, colorful neon lights, fashionable design of the market gatehouse, youthful and interesting shapes on both sides of the gatehouse are exposed, plus the trendy and funny language of Internet celebrities, the new powder + blue color continues to be integrated into the whole theme In the scene, it has become the most “dazzling” scenery line on the millennium ancient road. As soon as citizens enter the carnival space, they will feel the unique visual impact of the trend. In addition, under the romantic starry night, Guangbai also built an outdoor open-air romantic theater, allowing consumers to watch an open-air movie in the square with the midsummer evening breeze and spend their heart-warming moments.

E-commerce platform: jewelry watch, beauty perfume, personal care appliances Waiting to usher in a small consumption boom The products that are presented to each other have good sales. The reporter learned from Vipshop that recently, popular gift choices such as jewelry watches, beauty perfumes, personal care appliances, etc. have ushered in a small consumption boom.

Data show that the week before the Qixi Festival, the sales of jewelry products from Guangzhou increased significantly year-on-year. Among them, gold rings, gold bracelets, and gold transfer beads , pearl pendants, pearl earrings, platinum necklaces and other commodities have increased by multiples year-on-year. In addition, the sales of gold bracelets, which are popular in Guangdong, have also increased by 96% year-on-year.

In addition to jewelry, the sales of cosmetics, perfumes, personal care appliances and other products on the platform also increased in Guangzhou in the week before the Qixi Festival. Sales of fragrances, electric shavers and makeup kits increased by 47%, 95% and 104% year-on-year, respectively.

Sending flowers through food delivery platforms is the choice of many young consumers today. According to data from the food delivery platform, on the eve of this year’s Qixi Festival, the number of orders for flower delivery in Guangzhou increased by 530% year-on-year, leading the country in growth. Among the many flower categories, red roses, champagne roses and sunflowers are the top three most popular among citizens. During the Qixi Festival, the number of “off-site” flower takeaway orders across the country increased by more than 4 times year-on-year, and the number of off-site flower reservations in Guangzhou increased by 360% year-on-year.

Text/Guangzhou Daily Xinhuacheng reporter Xu Xiaofang, Wen Jing

Photo/Guangzhou Daily·Xinhuacheng reporters Wang Yan, Xu Xiaofang, Wen Jing

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