The National Eye Fundus Disease Project “Bright Center” settled in Yingde

Recently, the “Symposium on Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment of Fundus at Grass-roots Level (Yingde Station)” was held at Qihu Hotel in Yingde City. Yingde City People’s Hospital became the first hospital in Qingyuan to obtain the National Eye Disease Clinic The Medical Research Center, the county-level hospital awarded by the “Bright Center (in preparation)” of the Beijing Bethune Public Welfare Foundation, and the “Bright Center” of the National Eye Fundus Disease Project have officially settled in Yingde.

National Fundus Disease Project “Bright Center (Preparation)” settled in Yingde. Photo courtesy of the correspondent

At this seminar, the “Bright Center (Preparation)” awarding ceremony was held. Professor Lu Xiaohe and Feng Songfu of Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University and Chen Chen, Director of Southern District of Beijing Novartis Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Xin jointly awarded the National Eye Disease Clinical Medical Research Center and the Beijing Bethune Public Welfare Foundation the “Bright Center (Preparation)” plaque to Yingde People’s Hospital. Deng Ziliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Yingde People’s Hospital, and Feng Xiaocheng, Director of Ophthalmology, accepted the award on behalf of the hospital. Card.

According to reports, the “Bright Center” project was co-founded by the National Eye Disease Clinical Medical Research Center and Beijing Bethune Public Welfare Foundation. The purpose of the project is to “maintain the sustainable eye health of Chinese people, eliminate avoidable blindness in China, and improve the treatment pattern of fundus diseases in China”. To achieve “complete examination, standardization of treatment, standardization of follow-up”.

Lu Xiaohe pointed out that with the improvement of health level and the prolongation of average life expectancy, the prevalence of fundus is gradually increasing due to the influence of age and other disease factors, and various diseases can lead to irreversible blind. The state attaches great importance to the prevention and treatment of blinding eye diseases. The “Bright Center” project is to respond to the call of the national “14th Five-Year Plan” for the construction of eye health undertakings, to establish a standardized and scientific fundus disease management model for chronic fundus diseases in China, and to improve the field of fundus. Standardized diagnosis and treatment coverage rate and early screening and early diagnosis level, to achieve “early screening, early diagnosis, early treatment”, allowing patients to obtain national standard diagnosis and treatment services, reducing disease burden and blindness rate. The Guangdong Provincial Health Commission and the Ophthalmology Branch of the Guangdong Provincial Medical Association have done a lot of fruitful work, providing a strong guarantee for the solid promotion of standardized diagnosis and treatment of fundus diseases. By solidly promoting the standardized treatment of fundus diseases, improving the diagnosis and treatment level of ophthalmologists in hospitals at all levels, effectively reducing the incidence of blinding eye diseases, bringing light and hope to patients, and improving the overall health of the people.

Deng Ziliang said that through the construction of the “Bright Center”, it will further promote the diagnosis and treatment of fundus diseases in the hospital, provide the masses with standardized diagnosis and treatment of fundus diseases, and allow the masses to obtain high-quality and high-level diagnosis and treatment at home. It is a great deed that benefits the country and the people. Yingde City People’s Hospital will take this opportunity to further strengthen the discipline construction of ophthalmology, the cultivation of talent teams, and vigorously promote the standardized diagnosis and treatment of fundus diseases. Improve the hospital’s ability and level of ophthalmic disease diagnosis and treatment, better serve the people of Yingde City, contribute more to the medical and health cause of Yingde City, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and high-quality development of the hospital.

Feng Songfu and Liang Lifang, professors of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, and Feng Xiaocheng, director of the Department of Ophthalmology of Yingde People’s Hospital, respectively wrote “Common Vitreoretinopathy”, “Familiar Strangers – Strabismus” and “With the help of OCT examination, focusing on BCVA


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