The mother-in-law said to protect the child after giving birth to a child, ten Audis came on the day of the full moon, and the in-law’s family became the laughing stock of the whole village

Hello, everyone, thank you very much for clicking on this editor’s article. Today I share with you: The mother-in-law who gave birth to a child with heavy bleeding said to protect the child. Come ten days on the day of the full moon An Audi, the in-law’s family becomes the laughing stock of the whole village!


My husband and I were introduced by friends, and I hadn’t been in love at the time. My husband is also very eloquent, and within a few days we discussed getting married. My husband’s family’s conditions are not good, so we bought a small house with 50,000 yuan from my mother’s family. That’s how we got married. up.

I got pregnant three months after marriage, and my husband has no time to take care of me at work every day , so my husband suggested that my mother-in-law from the country should come to live at home and take care of me. She would also be more comfortable. I have no objection. But after the mother-in-law came over, she didn’t do anything at all. She just played mahjong after dinner every day. After her husband came back, she always told him that she was exhausted.

On the day when the child was due to give birth, I did not have any reaction to delivery. The doctor said it was because of nutrition during pregnancy Not good, it is best to have a cesarean section, but the mother-in-law insisted not to let her go, saying that she was afraid of hurting her grandson. Later, the doctor told her that she would not be able to be a child, so she went into the operating room. But what I didn’t expect was that there was heavy bleeding during the operation. The doctor said that there was a possibility that only one would survive, but the mother-in-law shouted to protect the child first. His grandson is more important than anyone else. I vaguely heard it at that time, and burst into tears instantly.


On the day when the child held the full moon wine, my husband went to invite the whole village to a banquet, but no one came. I asked My natal brothers drove more than a dozen Audis and invited everyone to the big hotel in the city. When my husband and mother-in-law arrived after hearing the news, no one in the village paid any attention to them. My mother-in-law even pointed at me and scolded me. I am a white-eyed wolf, I threw the divorce agreement in front of them, divorced, I was blind when I met this family. They wanted to make a noise at first, but when they saw my natal brothers gathered around, they walked away in despair.

I am young and inexperienced, not experienced in the world, but not spineless, I think I am divorced The choice is right, at least I will not let them affect my children. Now they are being talked about in the village. I don’t want to see this. This is the best protection for my children. Are you right?