Can’t drink “self-brewed wine” in rural areas? Why do people often drink it before, but now they can’t avoid it?

Rural self-brewing can be described as a memory of a generation, and the scenery in the early years was unparalleled.

According to the memories of many old drinkers, when they used to drink, the most they drank was “self-brewed wine”. At that time, “self-brewed wine” was a “cinnabar mole” in the hearts of the people.

It has been as popular as famous wines for a long time. Not only the wine quality and taste are guaranteed, but also economical and affordable, so many old wine lovers can’t put it down.

However, in recent years, the status of self-brewed wine has plummeted, and there are still many merchants selling self-brewed wine, but everyone “Self-brewing” can’t be avoided, and there is no more prosperous scene in the past. Not only are fewer people drinking it, but also many people say that “self-brewing” is harmful. Why is this?

In fact, it is not groundless that “self-brewed wine” has come to this stage.

1. Consumption Concept Upgrade

With the development of the times, the level of science and technology in our country has been continuously improved, the living standards of modern people have been significantly improved, and people’s consumption concepts are also constantly changing and upgrading.

The same is true for everyone’s consumption of baijiu. You can easily choose wine from regular wineries on the market. Expensive, the rural “self-brewed wine” that used to win with low prices has gradually lost its advantage, and its market share is also decreasing. “.

2. There are many inferior wines in “self-brewed wine”

Now the liquor market is mixed with good and evil people. In order to save costs and obtain more profits, many liquor dealers have used their brains. Essence blended with wine to pretend to be pure grain wine.

Because “self-brewed wine” does not have any anti-counterfeiting marks, nor is it very tightly packaged, it is generally loose wine, so it is very easy to impersonate, and it is easy for unscrupulous merchants to take advantage of loopholes.

Besides, the wine with poor quality has a very strong smell after adding essence, which is hard to distinguish, but if you take a sip, this wine will immediately reveal its original shape, Its taste does not have the sweetness of wine at all, only pungent, and drinking too much is not good for the body.

3. Self-brewed wine has no “differentiated selling point”

Nowadays, modern People are very pursuing personalized development. For liquor, people also hope that it has its own characteristics different from other liquors, so they are more willing to taste it. Therefore, the liquor industry has become very “introverted”.

All kinds of liquor companies have launched differentiated routes, looking for the characteristics of their own companies. However, “self-brewed wine” in rural areas does not have these differentiated characteristics at all. The “low price” advantage that was proud of in the past is no longer an advantage.Finally, some liquors produced in wineries are cheaper than “self-brewed wine”.

And even if it is pure grain wine, there are many big brand liquors on the market that are roughly the same price as “self-brewed wine”. It is cheap, and there are big manufacturers behind it to “guarantee” its quality, and the result is clear at a glance.

Of course, we can’t veto all “self-brewed wine” with one vote. Those liquors from regular workshops can still be drunk with confidence, but we need to keep our eyes open and carefully select them.

If you feel that it is not easy to choose “self-brewed wine”, you might as well look at the bottled wines on the market. There are also many high-quality pure brewed wines. Home-cooked fine wine and wine, and the price is also very affordable, especially suitable for ordinary people to drink as ration wine.

It is a Daqu Kunsha Liquor, using the same brewing process as Maotai Liquor Brewed with trustworthy quality. The winery selects the local waxy red sorghum in Guizhou as the raw material. After multiple rounds of roasting through the 12987 soy sauce wine process, the finished wine has a Maoxiang flavor.

It is worth mentioning that it is recommended to the common people because of its high quality, high quality and low price, and the support of Henan Radio and Television Metropolitan Channel. Very popular.

After the baptism of time, the quality of the wine is crystal clear, open a bottle of wine, wine The fragrance is strong, within 2 seconds, the whole room is fragrant, pour the wine into the cup, the color is incomparably crystal, without a trace of impurities, smell It smells very strong, take a sip, elegant and delicate, the overall taste is soft and sweet, making people mouth watering, with endless aftertaste, I have to drink a few more cups, no wonder people who drink it frequently repurchase .


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