The map can show every street in Taiwan Province: Chongqing Road, Nanjing Road, Shanxi Noodles, Peiping Roast Duck…

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Today, some netizens found that the major maps have been launched Detailed location information for Taiwan Province, and it is very detailed.

In addition to basic road information, you can also view road conditions, streets, buildings, and gourmet shops.

Afterwards, the topic #map can display every street in Taiwan Province# was on the hot search, arousing great interest from netizens, who opened the map app to explore.

Everyone found that there are many names familiar to mainland netizens in the content of the map of Taiwan Province, such as Chongqing Road, Chang’an Road, Shanxi Noodles, Roast Duck, Fried Sauce Noodles…

In In the map of Taiwan Province, there is no strangeness in viewing these roads, food and other information. Some netizens said that this is the “nostalgia” feeling of Taiwan compatriots towards the mainland of the motherland.

Today, let’s simply check the mainland elements in the map of Taiwan Province.

All map apps can already display road names, landmarksand even real-time traffic information

At present, all major map apps have provided location information of Taiwan Province, including road names, landmark buildings, etc. You can also view the 3D version of the map, and even view to real-time traffic information.

In satellite mode, if the city map is zoomed in, the satellite image will be lost

< p>Satellite maps can only display a certain scale range

However, Sanyan Finance noticed that whether it is Baidu Maps or AutoNavi Maps, if you use satellite maps, you can only view the entire Taiwan within a certain scale range A top-down view of the island, but if you zoom in on the various areas, the details don’t show.

With regard to the map showing the content of Taiwan Province, AutoNavi responded to Sanyan Finance that AutoNavi provides various map services to the public in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and after being reviewed and approved by the relevant competent authorities. . At present, you can browse and query all kinds of road and location information in Taiwan Province on the AutoNavi map.

Road names: Chongqing Road, Taiyuan Road, Hanzhong Road…

The road names in many parts of Taiwan Province follow the provinces or cities in the mainland The district name is the same as the name of some cities in the mainland with the name of the province and city.

A Chongqing North Road can be found in Taipei City, and the related Chongqing West Road;

< /img>

There is also a Dunhuang Road in Taipei City, Hami Street and the Confucian Temple on the right side of the picture.

Like Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, Taipei also has a Nanjing West Road, and there is a nearby road called Taiyuan Road.

Luoyang Street, Kaifeng Street and Hanzhong Road can all be found in Taipei City.

In addition to Taipei City, other regions also have roads named after mainland provinces and cities. For example, there is a road named Chang’an Road in Pingzhen City, Taoyuan City;< /p>

There is a road in New Taipei City called Huanhe North Road.

How about it? It’s not unfamiliar to see the names of these roads in Taiwan Province. This is also one of the manifestations of the same origin on both sides of the strait.

Regions and Attractions: Some Taiwan Provinces in mainland China also have them

After reading the roads, let’s take a look at some place names. There are many places and scenic spots in Taiwan Province. The name is also the same as the mainland.

The National Palace Museum in Taipei should be known to many people. At present, in addition to Taipei City, there are two places in my country that have the National Palace Museum in Beijing and Shenyang.

Beijing has Yuanmingyuan, and Taiwan Province also has a “Successful Yuanmingyuan”, but from the map, it does not look like a scenic spot in the park;

< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="" width="600">

On the map of Taipei City, you can also find a “Summer Palace”, which is also not a garden from the map;

I actually found the Temple of Heaven in Taiwan in Kaohsiung, basically copying the names of several attractions in Beijing;

< p> And there is more than one Temple of Heaven in Taiwan Province, there is also a bus stop in Tainan City called “Temple of Heaven”; interestingly, not far from this Temple of Heaven bus stop, there is also a “Wenzhou Pasta”, a combination of Chinese and Western Yes.

Finally, let’s take a look at the famous dishes from all over the country in the map of Taiwan Province.

Variety of gourmet restaurantsShanxi noodles, Peking duck, Xinjiang braised noodles

Taiwan Province’s Shanxi knife-cut noodles is one of the most discussed contents by netizens after the hot search on the map of Taiwan Province. The author casually searches on the map and there are 3 Shanxi knife-cut noodles.

In addition to cutting noodles, you can also find a lot of famous dishes from all over the country.

Quanjude Roast Duck is well-known nationwide, and there is a Quanjufang Roast Duck in Taipei City, but I don’t know if this roast duck is a “copycat”?

In addition to Quanjufang, there is another restaurant in Hsinchu County, Taiwan called “Peiping Roast Duck”.

There is a Goubuli steamed bun in New Taipei City. What do you think of the Goubuli bun in Tianjin?

Wherever you go, you must have Chongqing hot pot. I found an old Chongqing hot pot in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and it looks quite spicy;

When it comes to Sichuan cuisine, there must be boiled fish, couples’ lung slices, this boiled fish Also called “Zhang Fei”, very interesting;

There are also Northeast pancakes, but the map shows a score of 3.5, which may not be authentic;

Fujian famous dish Buddha Jumps over the Wall is also indispensable in Taiwan, but this restaurant has only 2.5 points, I don’t know what happened;

The author has only heard that Henan braised noodles is delicious. This is the first time I have seen Xinjiang braised noodles. It is really ignorant. This restaurant is located in Taichung City and has a score of 3.5;

Xinjiang mutton It is notoriously delicious. There is a restaurant in Taipei City that specializes in Xinjiang lamb, which is definitely not bad;

Since there is Northwest food, Lanzhou Ramen Essential, this Xiaoliu Lanzhou Ramen in Taipei is quite good;

Taiwan Province The noodle restaurant also has Wuhan hot dry noodles, Heilongjiang noodle restaurant, and even a variety of fried sauce noodles, miscellaneous sauce noodles… There are quite a few types.

To the author’s surprise, among the restaurants with the same name as the mainland searched in Taiwan Province, Shandong Dumpling Restaurant is the most, with nearly 10 Among them, some are called Shandong dumplings, some are called Lao Shandong dumplings, some are called Shandong Penglai dumplings, and there are even 50-year-old Shandong dumplings. Maybe Taiwan compatriots have a unique complex for Shandong dumplings, so there are so many Shandong dumpling shops.

Today, some netizens said they were going to Taiwan Kaisha County Snacks, the author searched and found that there is really a “Fuzhou Shaxian Snacks” in Taipei, but only found This family. In this way, Shaxian snacks still have a lot of room for development in Taiwan Province.

Taiwan Province map has been opened in 2014

I have seen so many “duplicate names” in Taiwan Province maps, but many netizens say this is Taiwan compatriots’ feelings for the mainland of the motherland are reflected. I believe that the friends who read this must really want to go to the beautiful island of Taiwan for a walk and travel experience.

Today, the reason why the map of Taiwan Province can be shown on the hot search has attracted much attention, and it must have been affected by the recent situation. But in fact, this is “old news”.

Through the investigation of Sanyan Finance, as early as 2014, Baidu Maps has announced the launch of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan map information, and supports bus routes, tourist attractions and offline functions such as maps.

In 2015, some netizens posted that they noticed that the map APP has opened services in Taiwan Province. And from this post, you can see that the map of Taiwan Province at that time has a lot of details, and the content is also very rich.

But in any case, being able to “tour” Taiwan Province through the map APP is not a problem. Good news. Do you know any other interesting things about the map of Taiwan Province, please leave a message.