The man’s abdomen is itchy, and the doctor uses tweezers to pick out 16 pubic lice! There are 4 routes of transmission of pubic lice

Mr. Liu is 39 years old and has been working in Beijing. Although his family is worried about his marriage, there has been no suitable marriage partner.

Some time ago, I met a woman of the same age on a blind date. For nearly half a month, Mr. Liu always felt itching in his private parts. He thought it was a skin problem that he didn’t care about, but it didn’t get better after a week, and it became more serious.

I had to hurry to the hospital, and was diagnosed with pubic lice. The doctor found 16 pubic lice from Mr. Liu’s abdominal hair.

Mr. Liu is very puzzled, why does he suffer from such a disease? What exactly is pubic lice?

I. What is pubic lice? Is it an STD?

In the past, when the sanitary conditions were not good, some children would have lice on their bodies and hair. So what are pubic lice? Is it a sexually transmitted disease?

Public lice are common parasites in the private parts. They usually hide in the pubic hair and the body hair around the anus. They need to survive by biting the blood of the surrounding skin. Personal or spouse hygiene is not clean.

Once there are pubic lice in the private parts, there will be a strong itching sensation, especially at night. If you find abnormal itching in the private parts, and you can find small white particles in the private parts, be careful that it is lice eggs, and you must seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Second, pubic lice often have these four transmission routes

Most people who love cleanliness and hygiene may not have seen pubic lice, but they must know several transmission routes of pubic lice to avoid being targeted by pubic lice, which may cause trouble in life.

1. Use public toilets and toilets

Traveling, shopping, going to the toilet It’s best not to use a public toilet when you’re not, because if the previous person has pubic lice, you may also be infected.

2. Sexuality

If one of the spouses or partners has the condition Pubic lice, which is likely to be transmitted to another person through close contact.

3. Poor hygiene habits

Poor hygiene habits, not fond of bathing, Changing underwear frequently may also leave opportunities for pubic lice, so you must pay attention to personal hygiene.

4. Sharing personal items such as towels, bath towels, etc.

If sharing towels with patients Personal items such as , bath towels, etc., may also increase the risk of contracting pubic lice.

Third, how to cut off the “source” of pubic lice?

The thought of worms growing on the pubic hair is both scary and uncomfortable. So what should we do to cut off the source of pubic lice? Usually pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental hygiene, avoid going to some bathrooms with poor hygiene environment, avoid some improper sexual behaviors and so on. Once suffering from pubic lice, active treatment is the key.

1. Removal of pubic hair

Public lice are parasitic on pubic hair and want to remove pubic hair Lice, first remove the pubic hair, and then burn it in time to avoid placing it in other places to continue parasitism.

2. Insecticide

After removing the pubic hair, it is necessary to kill the pubic lice You can use some insecticides, antibiotics, etc. to treat it under the advice of your doctor.

3. Sterilize close contact items

Patients with pubic lice are intimate Remember to sterilize the items that you have touched. These items are likely to have pubic lice parasites. You must remember to sterilize them or replace them with new ones.

During the treatment of pubic lice, it is best not to have sex, to have sex, to avoid mutual infection between the two, and the treatment will be meaningless.

Itching in the private parts for no reason may also be caused by pubic lice. Patients who use public toilets together, have sex, have poor hygiene, and share towels and other items may be infected with pubic lice.

Once diagnosed with pubic lice, be sure to actively receive treatment and avoid sex during treatment.


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