The man continued to have abdominal pain for 2 days, thinking it was just gastritis, and went to the doctor for reexamination after 2 years, the doctor: it is still too late

Most diseases have a process from mild to severe. In the early stage of the disease, it is often easy to treat and the physical symptoms are mild. But the more this is the case, the less attention is given to many patients, and they wait until the disease worsens before they start to look at their own inspection reports and regret it.

Although everyone understands this truth, there are a steady stream of people repeating this process. Mr. Li, 51 years old this year, is the same. Looking at the ruthless results on his report card, he can’t help but regret his wrong behavior 2 years ago.

The man had persistent abdominal pain for 2 days, I simply thought that I just got gastritis

Mr. Li is the sales manager of a company. It will become extremely busy. Sometimes, for work, Mr. Li even only sleeps for four or five hours a day, and his meals are as simple as instant noodles.

I have been working like this for five or six years. At some time 2 years ago, Mr. Li suddenly felt a constant pain in his stomach, which was very uncomfortable. I may have gastritis, so I took some anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with it. Later, the pain became less common, and Mr. Li gradually ignored his own situation.

But for 2 years, Mr. Li found that he became thinner and thinner, and even had abnormal symptoms such as vomiting after meals. Thought it was gastritis getting serious. But the results of the hospital’s examination made him unacceptable. The word “stomach cancer” was written on the report. The doctor said that if Mr. Li had gone to the doctor for examination when he noticed the abnormality two years ago, the result might not be as bad as it is now. .

If Mr. Li can eat on time and combine work and rest, maybe there will be no stomach problems;

If Mr. Li can find out the problem and seek medical treatment in time, and eliminate the hidden danger of cancer as soon as possible, there is still a high probability of survival;

If Mr. Li can be screened regularly within 2 years, there is a chance to find hidden dangers, and the consequences will not be so bad…

But All the opportunities were missed because of underestimation of gastric cancer and misjudgment of gastritis. It is really embarrassing.

How to distinguish between gastritis and gastric cancer ?

One of the main reasons why Mr. Li suffered from gastric cancer is that he misjudged the symptoms The sign of cancer was judged to be gastritis.

It is true that gastritis will turn into gastric cancer under certain conditions. There is a lot of similarity between the two, but there are still differences. Only by understanding can we do a good job of prevention:

Difference 1:The performance of the two medications is different

Gastritis is a benign ulcer, which can be slowly relieved by taking medicine and the body’s self-healing ability; while gastric cancer is a malignant cancer, which does not heal on its own possibility.

So, after taking anti-inflammatory drugs or stomach medicine, if you are a patient with gastritis, your symptoms will be significantly relieved, and the pain will also be relieved Gradually relieved; and patients with gastric cancer may improve their symptoms after taking medication, but there is still a possibility of recurrence in the future, and the pain will become more and more severe< span>. If similar drug reactions occur, actively go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Difference 2:Different lesion characteristics

< p data-track="18">Through a series of medical examinations such as gastroscopy and CT, it can be found that the lesion characteristics of gastritis are only ordinary inflammation or ulcers, while gastric cancer may The lesion infiltrates into the gastric wall, and may even transfer to other tissues and organs.

It can be seen that under medical examination, the difference between the two is very obvious, which also reminds me of frequent stomach discomfort , or friends who suspect that they have hidden dangers of gastric cancer, the correct way is to go to the hospital for cancer screening regularly, and make the most rational judgment based on their actual symptoms.

Early gastric cancer is difficult to find, but there are at most 3 typical symptoms, stomach discomfort should be checked early

①There is always an inexplicable swelling in the stomach

< span>Cancer tissue will appear in the form of cell masses, which will inevitably cause compression on tissues and organs, and gastric cancer is no exception.

Early stage The formation of gastric cancer tumors will form pressure on the stomach wall, causing patients to experience inexplicable swelling and continuous irritation to the stomach wall, such asacid reflux, belching, and even vomiting The situation is more likely to occur. If you meet similar situations, you should be vigilant in time and check yourself as soon as possible.

②Loss of appetite or loss of appetite

According to clinical data,nearly 50% Patients with gastric cancer will have obvious loss of appetite.This is due to the existence of cancer tumors in the stomach, which further inhibits the peristalsis speed of the stomach, resulting in weakened digestion efficiency. With the appearance of loss of appetite, the patient will also have symptoms of weakness and rapid weight loss.

③Intermittent pain in upper abdomen

< span>Similar to Mr. Li,Patients with upper abdominal pain in early gastric cancer account for about 90% of the total gastric cancer patients. Most of the pain caused by early gastric cancer is intermittent dull pain, which may appear for a period of time and disappear after a period of time, reappearing repeatedly and becoming more serious each time. In line with the above situation, remember to pay attention to it.

In short, although gastritis and gastric cancer have a word difference, the results are different. Don’t give up the only chance to fight stomach cancer because of your negligence. Do regular gastric cancer screening and understand the symptoms and characteristics of gastric cancer, which is responsible for your health.