The lowest temperature in Liaocheng is -10°C, find out the cotton-padded jacket


Liaocheng Meteorological Bureau released

The latest weather forecast

Affected by cold and warm air

Estimated from today night to tomorrow night

There was a light to moderate rain in the city

There will be a cold wave from the 28th to the 30th

The temperature drop will be 15℃ Left and right

Minimum temperature -8℃~-10℃< /strong>

Please be careful

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< span>Affected by cold and warm air,It is expected that there will be a light to moderate rain in the city from today to tomorrow night, and it will turn cloudy during the day on the 28th. The main precipitation period will be tomorrow night, and the precipitation during the process will be 8-15 mm; There will be a cold wave weather process from the 28th to the 30th, with a temperature drop of about 15°C, and the lowest temperature is -8°C~-10°C< /span> appeared on the morning of the 30th; from the daytime on the 28th to the 29th, the north wind was 4-5 and the gust was 6-7.

The specific forecast is as follows:< /span>

Tonight to tomorrow night: cloudy to overcast with light to moderate rain, southerly wind 3~ Level 4, 7~15℃;

Daytime on the 28th: ​​overcast to cloudy, north wind 3~4 Increase to 4~5 gust 6~7, 7~12℃;

29th: Cloudy Turning cloudy, north wind 4~5, gust 6~7 weakened to 3~4, -2~8℃;

< span>30th: Sunny, north wind 3~4 weakened to 2~3, -8~1℃.

Source: Liaocheng Meteorological Bureau