It is full of thorns, and the fruit is like a tomato. It is called “drunken fairy peach”. The fruit is attractive but poisonous. Get to know it

Introduction: The whole body is covered with thorns, the fruit is like a tomato, known as “drunken fairy peach”, the fruit is attractive but poisonous, you may have seen it

Everyone knows that there are many wild plants growing in the countryside. Some plants will bear a lot of fruits, and some fruits are snacks that we often eat when we were young, such as red lanterns, nightshade, pears, ground berries, snakeberries, Rat feces, hot charcoal, etc. are all wild fruits that rural children often eat.

There are many kinds of wild fruits in the countryside, but not every fruit of each plant is edible. Some fruits that look very beautiful and attractive contain toxins and cannot Eat, such as nandina, acacia, castor bean, mango, aristolochia, pokeweed, etc. These fruits are beautiful but are poisonous.

The plant that the author shared with you today has very beautiful fruits, which just came out The fruit is green, round, and has lines on the surface. It looks very similar to the watermelon we often eat, but it is much smaller than watermelon. At this time, we call it “mini watermelon”.

When the fruit is ripe, it will slowly turn yellow. At this time, it looks very attractive. People who don’t know it think it is an edible wild fruit. In fact, it is highly toxic and can only be seen but not eaten. I think many people have guessed that this plant is the thorn eggplant that everyone in the countryside is very familiar with.

Speaking of thorny eggplant, it is familiar to friends who have lived in the countryside, because the whole plant is full of thorns, both the leaves and stems are covered with thorns , and it is as hard as a needle. If it is accidentally pricked by it, it will be very painful. Many people have been pricked by it when they were young, and they hate it very much.

Although the eggplant is full of thorns, its ripe fruit is very beautiful. It has a yellow spherical shape and looks like a small tomato, which is why it is called thorn eggplant. In some places, it is also called epilepsy eggplant, ghost eggplant, yellow tribute eggplant, big epilepsy eggplant, and ornamental eggplant.

Eggplant is an upright subshrub plant of Solanaceae. It is mostly wild on roadsides, hills, villages, wasteland, valleys, hillside bushes, etc., distributed in my country Guangdong, Guangxi, Tibet, Yunnan, Hainan, Guizhou, Fujian, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other provinces.

Anyone who knows thorny nightshade knows that, except that it is full of thorns and is annoying, its plant shape is quite beautiful, especially its fruits and flowers are beautiful. is very beautiful. It has small white flowers and has a certain ornamental value, but it is a pity that such a beautiful plant is afraid of being approached by its thorns.

The fruit of the eggplant is yellow and spherical when ripe. It looks similar to a tomato. Many people eat it by mistake. The fruit tastes sweet, and poisoning will occur after eating it by mistake. Phenomenon. It is prone to drowsiness, sleepiness, blurred vision, etc., as if drunk, so someone gave it a nice name called “Drunk Fairy Peach”.

Actually, any plant has two sides. Has high medicinal value. Its medicinal roots, fruits, and seeds have the effects of dispelling blood stasis, reducing swelling, relieving pain, stimulating menstruation, and relieving cough. It can be used for various diseases such as stomach pain, chronic cough, amenorrhea, toothache, stomatitis, liver cirrhosis, ascites, lumbar muscle strain, bruises, and unknown swelling.

So it is said that “knowledge is a treasure, not a grass”, any plant growing in the wild has its own value and use, but many people don’t understand it .

My friends, do you have this kind of thorn eggplant in your hometown? It is full of thorns, and the fruit is like a tomato. It is called “drunken fairy peach”. The fruit is attractive but poisonous. Let’s get to know it together, and you may have seen it in your hometown.