The high incidence of cancer in my country is all caused by MSG? The doctor advised: the real carcinogens are these 6 substances

Cancer makes many people very worried. In order to prevent cancer, many people actively adjust their eating habits and develop good habits to enhance their immunity. This is It’s something worth advocating, but if you choose food too carefully, it’s a bit “stop eating because of choking”.

Condiments are essential in our lives, and there are more and more types of condiments today, Many people do not know how to choose. Adding condiments to food during the cooking process can make the food taste more delicious, especially adding monosodium glutamate to improve the taste will change dramatically.

But I don’t know where Since then, people seem to be full of hostility towards MSG, and even think that MSG is a kind of “harmful spirit”, which is not only poisonous, but also “spermicidal”, etc. The consequences are disastrous. Is there any scientific basis for such a claim?

The high incidence of cancer in my country is all caused by MSG?

“MSG is a chemical processing product, you can’t eat too much, it can cause cancer!” Scary as rumored?

Some people think that the high incidence of cancer in our country is because we eat too much MSG, so we must avoid MSG or chicken essence put into a. Although the ingredient list of MSG only says monosodium glutamate, it is actually a condiment made from pure grains.

In our country, production The main raw materials of monosodium glutamate are corn starch, rice and other grains. After a series of fermentation, extraction and refining processes, monosodium glutamate is finally obtained.

These natural grains are non-toxic and harmless, so monosodium glutamate is not a chemical product, it is A kind of condiment refined from hoarding grain, it is not as scary as everyone imagined, and it is not high-tech.

Some people think that monosodium glutamate will become toxic when heated, mainly because monosodium glutamate will become toxic when heated to 120 degrees Celsius Sodium pyroglutamate will be produced, which is highly carcinogenic and harmful to health.

In fact This sentence is just right, half of sodium glutamate is heated to form a new substance, but sodium pyroglutamate does not pose a threat to the human body, its toxicity is very low, and there is no evidence that it is carcinogenic.

It’s just that high-temperature sodium glutamate will make the stomach meridian slowly lose its original expression. It will cause the effect of releasing the stomach meridian and not releasing it.

According to my country’s “Standards for the Use of Food Additives”, sodium glutamate can be used as a flavor enhancer in various used in food. In 2004, after re-evaluation by the World Health Organization, it was considered that MSG is a safe food and “no need to limit it”.

MSG Eating too much will not only cause hair loss but also kill sperm?

The theory about MSG cancer has been broken, so some people think that eating too much MSG will cause hair loss and damage the sperm of men. Is this statement true? Based on?

It is said that glutamic acid in monosodium glutamate can bind zinc ions and affect the body’s absorption of zinc. thereby causing hair loss. Dr. Wu Meng, attending physician of the Dermatology Department of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, said: After the sodium glutamate in monosodium glutamate is ingested into the human body, it will be decomposed into glutamic acid and sodium ions. Glutamic acid is one of the amino acids that make up proteins. It exists by itself and does not pose a health hazard, let alone cause hair loss.

More sodium ions It will seriously affect the blood pressure level and disrupt the endocrine mechanism of the body. From the perspective of eye control, MSG really needs to be eaten less. But a small amount of MSG will not cause any damage to the human body.

There are also claims that monosodium glutamate can harm male sperm, according to a long-term study conducted by the European Food Safety Authority In the two-year mouse experiment, the mice were allowed to consume more than the safe amount of sodium glutamate every day to observe whether there would be changes in the reproductive and reproductive systems.

However, the entire study did not find that the mice had a simple toxic pathological reaction, saying that monosodium glutamate will kill sperm, pure The genus is non-existent. I hope everyone must believe in science and not be deceived.

Doctor Advice: These 6 substances are the real carcinogens

(1) Preserved foods. Such as pickled vegetables, salted eggs, bacon, salted fish, ham, etc., such foods generally produce dimethyl nitrite and dimethyl nitrite during the pickling process. Salt is one of the main substances that cause cancer. Long-term consumption of these foods can easily cause cancer of the digestive system.

(2) Moldy and spoiled food. Such as moldy peanuts, moldy corn, expired food, etc., these foods contain a lot of aflatoxin, which is also one of the important carcinogens, and excessive consumption can easily lead to liver cancer.

ⅢFried BBQ food. Such as grilled lamb, grilled fish, fried potato chips, fried chicken, hamburgers, etc., such foods are prone to produce harmful chemicals such as heterocyclic amines and benzopyrene under the action of high temperature , is also one of the carcinogens, prone to gastrointestinal tumors.

(iv) Smoked food. Foods such as bacon, smoked fish, smoked eggs, smoked tofu, etc., all contain a certain amount of carcinogens such as benzopyrene, and frequent consumption of such foods is prone to esophageal and gastric cancer ;

㈤ BBQ food. Roast beef, roast duck, roast lamb, roast goose, roast suckling pig, etc., should not be eaten because they contain strong carcinogens. Regular consumption in the body will inevitably lead to abnormal functions of the digestive system, and even increase the risk of vascular disease.

(vi)Alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages have long been listed as “first-class carcinogens”, and regular heavy drinking is more likely to increase the risk of liver cancer. Whether it is liquor, beer, red wine, fruit wine, etc. will increase the risk of cancer, I hope you can quit.

How to prevent cancer?

1. Improve your own immunity. This is a very important point, but many people tend to ignore that improving immunity is the guarantee against all diseases. People with high immunity can completely defeat cancer, and cancer invades only people with weak immunity.

So, if you want to improve your immunity, you can eat more foods high in protein. If you can’t make up for it with food, you can choose trustworthy health products to directly supplement protein.

2. Change bad life Habit. Nowadays, it is common for people to stay up late. Studies have found that staying up late is easy to get cancer, because staying up late will increase the burden on various organs of the body and reduce immunity.

Studies have found that if a person does not sleep for three consecutive nights, the resistance drops to 0, and cancer may find on you. It is recommended that everyone must ensure adequate sleep and adjust their mentality.

3. Bad change eating habits. Now the food is very rich, people are always used to put a lot of oil when cooking. Such a habit is not good. Excessive intake of fat will not only lead to obesity, but may also become a hotbed of cancer.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure sufficient nutrient intake, not only can improve your own immunity and resistance It also helps to inhibit the activity of cancer cells, and also helps to improve people’s complexion.

4. Reject obesity . Studies have shown that many cancers have a great relationship with obesity, because most obese people eat more meat, their body fluids will become acidic, and people with an acidic body are more likely to develop cancer than those with an alkaline body cancer.

So, for the sake of beauty and health, you must control your weight, you can refer to your body mass index to calculate your own Obesity levels, start effective and safe healthy weight loss measures.

The occurrence of cancer itself is related to many factors. It is recommended that everyone must actively adjust their daily routines and develop good habits, which will help prevent the occurrence of many chronic diseases. If you always If you act recklessly, the consequences will be unimaginable.