Announcing the five behaviors of “ruining” the lungs, the doctor urged: If you can do it, don’t do it

【Different lung diseases have different clinical symptoms 】

1. Pneumonia mainly manifests as cough, yellow sputum, and fever. Severe pneumonia may cause chest pain, hemoptysis, and dyspnea.

2. Pulmonary tuberculosis mainly manifests as symptoms of tuberculosis poisoning such as low fever, fatigue, night sweats, and weight loss.

3. The main manifestation of bronchial asthma is sudden expiratory dyspnea, which can be heard in both lungs during the attack And extensive dry rales, the above symptoms can completely disappear after treatment.

4. Lung tumors, mainly Manifested as cough, sputum, fever, chest pain, hemoptysis, dyspnea, weight loss and so on.

5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mostly manifested as recurrent cough, sputum, wheezing, protracted disease Does not heal, gradually increases the weight of.

Can lung cancer be completely cured in the early stage?

Lung cancer can be completely cured in the early stage, because in the early stage of lung cancer, it is generally found that there are small nodules in the lung, and it is recommended to cooperate with some surgical treatment. That is to say, surgical treatment, through surgery to effectively remove the area where the lesion is located, can completely achieve the effect of radical cure.

After radical resection of early lung cancer, the probability of cure can reach 70%-80%, which is five The annual survival rate can reach 70%-80%. Therefore, for early lung cancer, it is actually very conditional.

but prerequisites, It is necessary to accept surgical resection. Some simple treatments, such as systemic treatment or local treatment, still cannot achieve the effect of surgical resection.

So generally early lung cancer, if you want to achieve a complete cure, it mainly depends on surgical treatment. After surgical treatment, regular physical examinations are combined to prevent recurrence. This is the current mainstream treatment direction, and it is also a relatively formal clinical treatment plan.

[Announce the five behaviors that “ruin” the lungs, the doctor advises: If you can do it, don’t do it]

(1)Secondhand smoke

About second-hand pressure, the World Health Organization defines it as: the mixture of smoke released from cigarettes or other tobacco-generating smoke ends and tobacco smoke exhaled by smokers.

According to the “China Smoking Hazards to Health Report 2020”, non-smokers who were exposed to second-hand smoke at home , increased the risk of lung cancer by 48%.

In fact, there are many In the public environment, such as restaurants, Internet cafes, bars and other places, there is a problem of exposure to second-hand smoke. If you stay in this environment for a long time, it will inevitably cause serious damage to the human respiratory system.

Director Duan Jiali, Health Promotion Office, Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Harmful substances in second-hand smoke There is no significant difference from the smoke inhaled by smokers.

About 10 years of research has shown that passive smoking smoke can also cause malignant tumors such as lung cancer and Increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 25% to 30%. Especially for children, pregnant women and other groups, don’t be exposed to second-hand smoke for a long time.

(2) Kitchen Fume

According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of 2016, my country’s urban residents The average number of range hoods per 100 households is 71.5; the average number of range hoods per household in rural areas is only 18.4.

Even if a family has a range hood, how many times do they open it? Many families don’t like to turn on the range hood. On the one hand, the sound is noisy, on the other hand, it consumes power, and it doesn’t have much effect for many people.

However, if the kitchen is always filled with smoke when cooking, it will cause serious damage to the human respiratory system Stronger stimulation will eventually lead to serious lung lesions.

Nanjing Military Region General Hospital Lung Cancer Synthesis In the diagnosis and treatment center, Director Song Yong publicly stated in a lung cancer forum that Chinese eating habits lead to kitchen fumes, and many housewives increase the risk of lung cancer and cause serious harm to the body.

Kitchen oil fume is the organic matter of oil volatilized during cooking and processing, and the product of thermal decomposition or fission , high-temperature cooking fume contains more than 200 harmful substances, often inhaled into the body will seriously “spoil” the health of the lungs.

(3) Home decoration has “radon” gas

Radon is a naturally radioactive noble gas produced by the decay of radium. It is colorless and odorless, yet ubiquitous. It mainly exists in decoration building materials and housing bases.

Renovation materials include building materials and decoration Materials, such as granite, brick sand, cement, tiles, etc., especially natural stones containing radioactive elements, will release radon, which will have adverse effects on health.

There are radium and thorium in the deep strata, and there is a high concentration of radon in the soil or rocks. These radon can enter the soil or the atmosphere through the stratum fault zone.

According to the opinion published by the National Cancer Institute of the United States, radon can release radioactive particles that damage the cells in the lungs. Indoor radon is related to lung cancer Studies have also shown that radon exposure level is linearly correlated with the risk of lung cancer. Therefore, we must stay away from these harmful chemicals as much as possible to reduce the damage to the lungs.

(4) Long-term bad mood

Long-term negative emotions will cause the body’s immune function to decline rapidly, and the body’s immune killing and immune surveillance functions against cancer cells will decline.< /span>

When bad emotions appear, the pressure in the pleural cavity will rise rapidly, which will compress the lungs and affect the blood in the lungs cycle, a Series of pulmonary dysfunction.

For people with chronic bronchitis and other lung diseases, if they are stimulated by bad emotions for a long time, it is extremely It may cause alveolar rupture, which is very harmful to lung health.

It is suggested that everyone must maintain a positive and optimistic mood. If you encounter unhappy things, you can learn to find a way to release, but don’t let yourself be sullen, let alone live in grief and suffer for a long time.

(5) Excessive fatigue

In autumn and winter, the natural yang energy begins to converge and sink. We should go to bed early and get up early to maintain yang energy. This is good for the lungs and helps the lungs The expression of Qi reduces the damage to the alveoli.

But in modern society, there are more and more “overworked models”. They sleep at midnight and wake up at noon. Fatigue directly affects lung health, and immunity will drop again and again.

If a person is overworked, it will inevitably affect the internal environment of the body, and may also cause damage to the body Therefore, we must learn to release our pressure in daily life and try not to overwork, otherwise it will cause huge damage to the body and more likely to cause serious diseases.

extension ——Lung nourishing food inventory

1, Sydney

< p data-track="44">Sydney is named for its tender and white meat, and Sydney is a common fruit in daily life. It is rich in malic acid, citric acid, and rich in vitamins Wait. Sydney is full of water, cold in nature, and because white food has the effect of maintaining the lungs. Therefore, women who often eat Sydney can produce body fluid and moisten dryness, clear away heat and resolve phlegm.

2. Tremella

Tremella It is flat and sweet. It belongs to the food of fungi. Tremella is a good nourishing product, and it is also a tonic. It is a white food like Sydney, but it is milder than Sydney, and is more suitable for those who have a cold body or a bad stomach. Eat.

3. Honey

Glucose and fructose in honey are easily absorbed by the human body. Honey also contains a variety of inorganic salts and organic acids that are similar in human serum concentration And trace elements. Long-term consumption by women can nourish dryness and achieve the effect of detoxification, and the heat-clearing effect of honey can only be exerted by taking honey with warm and cool water.

4. Yam

Yam contains a lot of starch, protein, vitamin Vitamins, fats and other ingredients, also contain iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other indispensable inorganic salts and trace elements for the human body. Women who often eat yam can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish the lungs and kidneys.

5, Grapefruit

Pomelo is very rich in vitamin C and insulin-like ingredients. It can invigorate the stomach and moisten the lungs, nourish the blood, clear the intestines and facilitate defecation. However, due to the cold nature of grapefruit, it should not be eaten too much, otherwise it will cause damage to the body.

6 、Lotus root

Lotus root tastes slightly sweet and tastes crunchy, which is loved by many people . Because women eat lotus root, it can invigorate the stomach and open the spleen, clear away heat and moisten the lungs, and facilitate urination. Therefore, lotus root is indispensable for clearing the lungs and nourishing the lungs.

7. Grapes

The fruit acids in grapes help digestion, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and there are many Elements beneficial to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and stomach. Some women like to spit out grape seeds and grape skins, but in fact, eating whole grapes has a good antioxidant effect.