The heart-warming story of “Dabai” in Yuanchang – Zhang Yun, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology: We will fight to the end

Editor’s Press

After 10 With unremitting struggle day and night and 240 hours of silent perseverance, on March 29, 30 medical staff from our hospital who had successfully completed the nucleic acid collection mission in Changzhou returned to Ganzhou safely. After comprehending their stories, every bit of their work in Nanchang is reflected on the paper. Behind the understated words, there is an uplifting power.

The outbreak of the epidemic in Nanchang blew the anti-epidemic rallying call. I volunteered and was honored to be a member of our hospital’s medical aid team. On the afternoon of March 18, 2022, after holding a simple and solemn expedition ceremony, 29 other friends and I bid farewell to my colleagues and embarked on the journey together. The moment I waved goodbye, I made up my own mind: In this battle without gunpowder smoke, I must persevere to the end, live up to the mission, and complete the mission successfully.

On the way, I had no intention of resting, rehearsing in my mind the essentials of putting on and taking off protective clothing and collecting pharyngeal samples, watching training videos, Until it is confirmed that each operating point and precautions are memorized by heart. Outside the car window, the night was already deep, and the emptiness was surprisingly quiet, only the lights in twos and threes flickered from time to time. Inadvertently, I turned on my phone and saw that the powerful group of the obstetrics and gynecology department continued to refresh the words of encouragement from the director, head nurse and other colleagues, “Don’t worry about ‘home’, we are here!”, “We Fight side by side with you in Ganzhou, come on!”, “Victory at an early date!”……. Seeing this, I felt warm, and gradually my nervous and excited heart calmed down. At the same time, my whole body was full of strength, and I felt that I was not fighting alone. The big family of the hospital was my strong backing.

Eight hours passed quickly, and without taking a break, we immediately came to the community and threw ourselves into the intense nucleic acid collection work. In the early spring of Nanchang, the temperature dropped sharply, the chill hit the bones, and the strong wind from the Ganjiang River was rampant, overturning the canopy, and the protective clothing of the “big whites” made a “huhu” sound, and everyone stood firmly at their jobs. Not moving. No amount of wind can blow away our will and determination to race against time and fight the virus!

According to the requirements of sensor control, the collection work area should be kept ventilated. Every time a sample is collected, the hands are sterilized once. In the temperature and strong wind of only a few degrees Celsius, the hands are sterilized hundreds of times a day. The further back the hands are, the colder the hands become, and in the end, there is no feeling, and they are completely frozen. At the end of the day’s mission, I took off my protective clothing in the midst of hunger and cold, and all I saw were shivering bodies, but the moment I took off the mask, it was clearly a smile of determination and victory!

Although it has been very hard these days, every word of “hard work” from the residents fills our hearts with warmth and energy. Also, our brothers and sisters in Ganzhou who are also fighting the epidemic with us have been silently inspiring us to move forward.

It is said that we Chinese people, gathering is a fire, scattered is a sky full of stars, one side is in trouble, all sides support! Backed by the big tree of the hospital, we are obliged to take responsibility and take responsibility! I only wish this beautiful world is safe and the world is healthy!