The Health and Health Commission stated that the establishment of yellow code hospitals and medical institutions will be open 24 hours a day on holidays, and they must not be suspended or refused to see a doctor!


The National Health Commission “names” medical institutions and establishes a yellow code hospital, Don’t stop and refuse to see a doctor during holidays!

On the morning of the 29th, at the press conference of the State Council Information Office, Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, responded to questions about how to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and normal medical services.

Li Bin said that the National Health Commission has put forward clear requirements on “how to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and normal medical services”, and made comprehensive arrangements, mainly grasping four The key links in this aspect are: guaranteeing the treatment of critically ill patients, meeting the medical needs of special groups, improving medical security in areas where epidemics occur, and coordinating epidemic prevention and control and medical services within medical institutions.


A “yellow code” hospital needs to be set up everywhere

Protect the treatment of critically ill patients

Li Bin said at the meeting that it is necessary to effectively guarantee the treatment of critically ill patients. According to the deployment of the National Health and Health Commission, requires all localities to set up “yellow code” hospitals and open “cloud clinics”. For critically ill patients, in the case of unknown nucleic acid test results, it is necessary to promptly activate and standardize the use of emergency, Buffer area set up in emergency room, operating room, and ward.

Medical staff strictly implement the first-diagnosis responsibility system and the emergency and critical care system, do a good job in personal protection, provide timely and effective treatment, and do not excuse refusal for any reason , delayed treatment.

At the same time, must meet the medical needs of special groups. For hemodialysis patients, cancer patients such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as special groups such as pregnant women and newborns, the local epidemic prevention and control departments should do a good job in investigation and statistics, and establish a ledger to ensure that “the basics are clear and the situation is clear.” “Ming”, and effectively implement the continuous medical service guarantee.

For chronic disease patients who take medicine for a long time, the primary medical and health institutions can provide services to meet the needs of medical services by issuing long prescriptions.


As the holidays are approaching, we will do our best to meet the medical needs of the public

Emergency care in medical institutions must be open 24 hours a day

In response to “the ‘May Day’ holiday is approaching, will people’s holiday medical needs be affected?” Li Bin responded. Improve medical insurance in areas where epidemics occur. During the epidemic prevention and control period, improve the level of overall planning, strengthen the linkage between departments, and scientifically set up 120 and other emergency telephone and convenient service channels to ensure that people can “get through, get in touch, find people, and see a doctor” in an emergency.

The sealed and controlled areas and control areas should continuously improve the operation mechanism of medical service management under emergency conditions, and arrange expert teams to provide consultation and evaluation to those in need who need to go out for medical treatment Yes, point-to-point pick-up and drop-off, closed-loop management, so that residents who need medical treatment can exit the door of the community and enter the door of the hospital.

On this basis, all localities should coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and medical services within medical institutions. Further strengthen the epidemic monitoring and early warning in medical institutions, improve the process for handling sudden outbreaks, and immediately activate emergency plans once confirmed cases are found. While doing a good job in emergency response in a timely and effective manner, it is necessary to report to the local disease prevention and control command department, and coordinate the epidemic prevention and control of the hospital and the society.

Li Bin emphasized that the medical institutions that found the cases should not just deal with the epidemic situation and leave them alone span>, after taking the lockdown and control measures, quickly activate the emergency mechanism to fully guarantee the continuity of medical services in key departments such as emergency department, dialysis room, operating room, intensive care unit, delivery room, etc., to ensure that critically ill patients receive timely To minimize the impact of epidemic prevention and control on the normal medical services of medical institutions.

Source / Xinhua Daily Telegraph, China News, Yangcheng Evening News

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