“Difficulty in seeking medical treatment” appears in the closed and controlled areas! The National Health and Health Commission requires all localities to deploy and set up “yellow code” hospitals, focusing on these 4 key points ..

During the epidemic, it is basically a state of control, and in this state, the scope of people’s activities will be limited to a certain extent. This will have an inconvenient impact on the lives of many people. During the epidemic control period, what should ordinary patients do when they encounter difficulties in seeking medical treatment? The community is closed and controlled, what should a pregnant woman do if she cannot get a pregnancy test? The old man’s medicine is almost finished, how to dispense it? What should I do in the event of a medical emergency? and many more.

In response to the problem of “difficulty in seeking medical treatment” in some areas where the epidemic is closed and controlled, Li Bin, deputy director of China’s National Health Commission, said in Beijing on the 29th that it is necessary to seize key links to ensure people’s medical needs, including deploying the establishment of “yellow codes” in various places The hospital opened a “cloud clinic”.

“In the process of epidemic prevention and control, ensuring the normal medical order and maintaining the continuity of medical services are always our priority. The issue of greatest concern.” Li Bin said at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office that day.

He said frankly that some areas have been closed and controlled due to the impact of the epidemic, and people’s medical treatment has been affected. In this regard, the National Health and Medical Commission has made arrangements, and local governments have also taken effective measures.

According to CCTV news reports, solving the problem of “difficulty in seeking medical treatment” mainly focuses on these four key aspects:

First, to ensure the treatment of critically ill patients, the deployment of the National Health and Health Commission also requires all localities to set up “yellow code hospitals” and open cloud clinics. In the case of unknown test results, it is necessary to activate and standardize the use of buffer areas set up in emergency rooms, first aid rooms, operating rooms, and wards in a timely manner. Provide treatment without prevarication or refusal for any reason or delay treatment.

Second, to meet the needs of special groups for medical treatment, for hemodialysis patients, patients with tumors such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and For special groups such as pregnant women and newborns, local epidemic prevention and control departments must first do a good job of investigation and statistics, establish a ledger, and make sure that the situation is clear, and effectively implement continuous medical service guarantees. Chronic disease patients who take medicine for a long time , the primary medical and health institutions can provide services by issuing long prescriptions and other methods to meet the needs of medical services.

Third, improve the medical security in the epidemic area, during the period of epidemic prevention and control, improve the level of overall planning, strengthen the linkage between departments, scientifically set up 120, etc. Emergency calls and channels for convenience services ensure that people can make calls, get in touch, find people, and see a doctor in an emergency. The closed and controlled areas should continuously improve the operation mechanism of medical service management under emergency conditions, and arrange expert teams to provide consultation and evaluation to those in need; Residents can go out the door of the community and enter the door of the hospital.

Fourth, coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and medical services within medical institutions, further strengthen the monitoring and early warning of epidemics in medical institutions, and improve emergency response. Once a confirmed case is found, an emergency plan will be activated immediately. While doing a good job of emergency response in a timely and effective manner, it is necessary to report to the local disease prevention and control command department to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control of hospitals and the society. For medical institutions that found cases, they should not be closed due to the disposal of the epidemic, but they should be closed; after the closure and control measures were taken, the emergency mechanism should be quickly activated to fully protect the emergency room, dialysis room, operating room, intensive care unit, and delivery room. The continuity of medical services in key departments and other departments ensures that critically and critically ill patients receive timely and effective treatment, and minimizes the impact of epidemic prevention and control on the normal medical services of medical institutions.

What is a “Yellow Code Hospital”?

The Yellow Code Hospital is specially designed to provide hemodialysis, maternal and childbirth services for people in closed areas, quarantine (observation) areas, and people whose health codes are red or yellow. , tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, infant diagnosis and treatment and other special diagnosis and treatment services such as critical and critical hospitals.

How to distinguish green code hospital, yellow code hospital and red code hospital?

Green code hospital is a medical institution that treats ordinary patients with green code health code; Red Code Hospital is a medical institution that guarantees fixed-point transfer and patients with positive infection and key diseases to see a doctor.

(Source: CCTV News Jilin Daily)