The good partner of HIV-Pneumocystis jirovecii, it may have been AIDS for a long time.

Speaking of AIDS, everyone’s first impression is that it is an infectious disease that spreads through many ways, mainly causing the collapse of the human immune system, and eventually death from various complications, especially a variety of strange Strange pathogen infection, few people would think that many of the diseases are diagnosed by respiratory doctors, why is this so? It is because of the good partner of HIV – Pneumocystis.

Pneumocystis infection of the human body is the most common organ invading the lungs. After infection, patients will experience unexplained profuse sweating, fever, chest tightness, asthma, and even breathing difficulties requiring oxygen inhalation. . Pneumocystis is a fungus that exists widely in nature. Most people will not be infected. However, when the human immunity is weakened, it will enter the human body and invade human tissues and cause symptoms. Therefore, it is an opportunistic pathogen. After AIDS enters the human body, it attacks the lymphocytes of the human body, and the number of lymphocytes will decrease as a result, and eventually the entire immune system collapses. Infection is one of the most common, and it mainly invades the lung tissue, so many AIDS patients are not diagnosed with AIDS until they are infected with Pneumocystis pneumonia and go to the respiratory department.

This pathogen infection itself is not difficult to treat. It can be cured by oral administration of an old drug called cotrimoxazole. Some severe patients need to add caspofungin intravenous drip, or even Some need to be treated with hormones at the same time to get better, and most of them can be cured without leaving traces, but the problem is that AIDS is not controlled, and it may be infected with the pathogen, which may be life-threatening in severe cases.