Jimmy Lin is recovering, why weight is extremely important for health

Lin Zhiying was discharged from the hospital shortly after the facial surgery and went home to rest. Today, she posted her weight. In the picture, her two feet are on the scale, and the figure is fixed at 53.7kg, which makes many female netizens feel Ashamed, but in fact Lin Zhiying should not be showing off her weight management, but trying to regain her weight. For a seriously injured person, weight is very important.

In fact, there are many clinical indicators that everyone hates and are considered nutritional indicators for seriously ill patients, such as indicators that reflect blood lipids such as triglycerides, cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, etc. These indicators increase Even if it is high blood lipids, the long-term low of these indicators indicates that the body is in a state of insufficient fat supply and is in a state of malnutrition. There are also indicators that reflect renal function, such as blood urea nitrogen and creatinine content. The increase of these indicators indicates that the renal function is poor and cannot be Effectively expel these “wastes” of protein metabolism, but if these indicators are low for a long time, it means that the body’s protein intake is insufficient, which is also a manifestation of malnutrition. Another indicator that everyone can understand is blood sugar. High blood sugar is an indicator of diabetes, but if low blood sugar continues, the harm is more serious than high blood sugar, which may lead to profuse sweating, emotional irritability, dizziness, dark eyes and even coma.

The above indicators are all low and combined into one indicator is weight. The most intuitive reflection of malnutrition is low weight. Whether it is a trauma patient or a patient with other diseases, low weight is not a good thing, it means Because there are not enough nutrients in the body to repair wounds and improve immunity to fight the disease, regaining weight after a car accident like Lin Zhiying is really the first priority.