The four-year football feast starts again? Stay up late to watch the game, don’t forget to do these 3 things

# 2022 World Cup#

Maybe it is a memory of youth, the feelings of the green hero are awakened again, accompanied by the coldness of beer, the smell of barbecue, the air is filled with hormones and memories of youth .

It can be said that when a man is still willing to stay up late to watch the ball, and he can still stay up late, he will be forever young.

But for doctors, the World Cup means —– staying up late is constantly destroying people’s health.

Long-term staying up late will cause male infertility?

Studies have shown that staying up late for a long time in men will lead to infertility in men, and staying up late for a long time will lead to endocrine disorders in the body. After endocrine disorders, the body hormones are disrupted.

This situation will lead to a decline in the quantity and quality of sperm, which will affect fertility.

Not only that, staying up late for a long time can also lead to the appearance of cancer. Frequent staying up late will cause people to be physically exhausted, which will bring unnecessary burden to the kidneys and liver. Over time, reproductive function will be affected.

For men, if you want to adjust this situation, you can use the following three methods Conditioning can play a very good effect

1. Diet therapy

Staying up late for a long time It will lead to obstacles in the digestive function in the body, and the food ingested by the body cannot be fully absorbed and utilized. Over time, the protein and vitamins in the body cannot meet the needs of the body, and the human body will suffer from malnutrition.

This situation will lead to obstacles in the reproductive system. In daily life, dietary therapy can be used for conditioning. It is recommended to choose some foods rich in high-quality protein and vitamins, and eat less greasy and spicy food, which can play an auxiliary role in the recovery of the disease.

Second, sports

Exercise is of great benefit to the human body. Persisting in exercise can expel toxins from the body and reduce the burden on the liver.

For people who stay up late for a long time, insisting on exercising can relieve the discomfort caused by staying up late. Exercise can increase the excitement of the brain and keep the patient energetic. Make patients feel better.

After the mood improves, the hormones in the body can return to their original state, which can greatly help the recovery of reproductive function. In daily life, you can choose< Strong>jogging, swimming and other sports methods can achieve the effect.

3. Sleep

In daily life, we must get rid of the bad habit of staying up late.

Only in this way can the problem be solved fundamentally. If you still stay up late repeatedly, no matter how you adjust it, your body will not have a good effect. Only by fundamentally solving the problem of staying up late problems in order to restore the body to its normal state.

It is recommended to go to sleep at 10.30 every day, so that the organs in the body can get enough rest. Over time, the harm caused by staying up late can be alleviated or eliminated.


If you stay up late for a long time, you can also use traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. It is recommended to find a professional doctor Consult and take medicine according to doctor’s advice.

It can make the body recover faster, and you can take some traditional Chinese medicines that nourish yin and blood, which can be of great help to the reproductive system.

In daily life, if you have problems with your body, don’t procrastinate. Please go to the hospital for an examination immediately to prevent the condition from deteriorating.