The “blood lipid vaccine” has been officially launched, and only needs to be injected twice a year. Who is suitable for it?

Introduction: Blood vessels are widely distributed in the body. The total length of blood vessels in the human body is about 9,600 kilometers. The main function of blood vessels is to help the heart pump blood. The blood is transported to multiple organs of the body to maintain normal physiological circulation and daily needs.

With changes in dietary concepts, More and more people are suffering from serious cardiovascular diseases due to overeating. Hyperlipidemia is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases. It is mainly a chronic disease caused by increased blood cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations. , although the current medical level has been particularly developed, it is still difficult to cure diseases such as hyperlipidemia. Diagnosed patients need to take long-term medication to stabilize their blood lipids.

Some time ago there was such a message on the Internet, It is said that a blood lipid vaccine has been developed for hyperlipidemia, and only two injections per year can achieve the purpose of stabilizing blood lipids. Does this vaccine really exist? Who is suitable for playing? Who is not suitable? May wish to find out together. 01 What are the symptoms that indicate elevated blood lipids?

※ Concentration declines, and extreme sleepiness after meals;

※ Insufficient blood supply to the brain, frequent dizziness and vomiting; ※ Watch Things are blurred, or yellow flesh around the eyes; ※A silver ring appears around the eyeball; ※Hands and feet are often numb, and the lower limbs tend to be cold.

02 “Blood lipid vaccine” is officially launched, and only needs to be injected every year 2 times, who can fight?

According to scientific research, there is a drug that is very effective for patients with dyslipidemia: PCSK9 inhibitors. Many people classify this new drug as a “lipid vaccine.” Previously, studies have found that this type of drug It has a good lipid-lowering effect, but its effectiveness needs to be further confirmed at that time.


Experts found in clinical experiments on animals,

span>This inhibitor can greatly reduce the cholesterol level in the patient’s body and relieve various adverse symptoms caused by hyperlipidemia.This is for China A major breakthrough in the cardiovascular field. It is called a “vaccine”, but it does not mean that it can prevent it. To be precise,It is a targeted drug, which is different from the traditional one, it is injected.

In addition, the difference lies in other lipid-lowering This newly developed PCSK9 polymerization retarder is a high-efficiency traditional Chinese medicine preparation, also known as Inclisiran, which has a relatively strong effect. Only 2 intradermal injections on time a year can reduce the low-density cholesterol of 59, and further reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.It can be regarded as the best choice for patients with hyperlipidemia Welfare. 03 Who is suitable for injection and who is not suitable for blood lipid vaccine injection?

For lipid vaccine components Allergic patients are not suitable for injection, and some people with special physical fitness and sensitivity are not suitable.There may be allergic symptoms to the components of the blood lipid vaccine. Therefore, such people are not suitable for vaccination with hyperlipidemia. The hyperlipidemia vaccine is mainly aimed at patients who are taking statins but their blood lipid status has not been improved. Vaccination can be used to achieve lipid-lowering effects. Ordinary hyperlipidemia patients only need to take statins to stabilize blood lipid levels, and there is no need to inject blood lipid vaccines.

After all, the price is relatively expensive, It is not covered by medical insurance and needs to be paid at its own expense. It is not practical for ordinary families. 04 How to improve hyperlipidemia in daily life?

Control your weight. If you want to improve hyperlipidemia, you must control your weight well.Obesity is the key factor that causes blood lipid metabolism disorders, and it is easy for blood lipids to rise rapidly. So everyone must control their weight reasonably.

Eat healthy. Patients with high blood lipids should reduce the intake of fatty acid foods in their diet, especially animal foods. At the same time, control the intake of sugary foods, including white sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, maltose, glucose, etc. Smoking and drinking are prohibited. Smoking and drinking can easily stimulate the central nervous system,resulting in the secretion of a large amount of adrenaline and norepinephrine, under the dual action of these two hormones, it is easy to cause the blood vessel wall to shrink rapidly, resulting in the phenomenon of thick blood,Not only is it not conducive to the control of blood lipids, but it may also induce the emergence of high blood pressure, so everyone must strictly prohibit smoking and alcohol. Medication.

If the blood lipid index rises abnormally, you can take medicine to achieve the purpose of treatment if necessary, Such as statin lipid-lowering drugs, by taking drugs, the situation of high blood lipids can be improved,At the same time, some complications can be avoided . Reminder: The vaccine itself relieves symptoms and treats diseases by making the body produce related antibodies, and antibodies are affected by time, and will gradually decrease over time, and their activity It will also gradually decrease, so even if the hyperlipidemia vaccine is injected, regular injections are required to maintain a low level of antibodies, so everyone must have a correct understanding.