The first batch of cultural and creative packages for the Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics seat cover were unveiled, full of “snowflake” elements

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Sun Jie

Not long ago, the news of the environmental protection and reuse of the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” Winter Olympic seat cover spread, which quickly caused heated discussions and concerns, and many people thought about it. , What does the cultural and creative package look like? On August 8, Bird’s Nest said that the first phase of the product will launch 3 cultural and creative packages at the same time, and pre-sale will be launched soon. The three cultural and creative packages are full of “snowflake” elements, and each package will also be equipped with a customized coding plate, which corresponds to each seat number of the bird’s nest, which is of special significance.

BN-22-01 365*280*100mm (length*width*thickness)

Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter During the Paralympic Games, the “Bird’s Nest”, which has always appeared in Chinese red, changed its makeup to ice and snow blue, once again stunning the world. In order to remember this beauty in another way, the Bird’s Nest made full use of the seat cover, which is one of the heritage of the Winter Olympics, and developed it into a cultural and creative product, practicing the concept of sustainable development and green environmental protection. According to the Bird’s Nest, because the seat cover of the Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics is made of flame-retardant fabric, it is not conducive to environmental protection considerations. The package has become the preferred direction for the development of this project.

BN-22-02 375*280*60mm (length*width*thickness)

Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics Seat Cover Divided into ordinary type and interval type. Ordinary seat covers are made of solid winter Olympic blue elements. The spacer cover features Winter Olympic Blue and Winter Olympic Snowflake elements. The spacer type seat cover acts as spacer and decoration. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the spacer seat cover was not used for seating, but physically separated people from each other, meeting the principle of “seating every other seat” required by the competition.

The first batch of Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics seat cover environmental protection and recycling cultural and creative packages to be launched, all use snowflake seat covers for spacers. On the basis of adhering to the concept of environmental protection, innovation, fashion and practicality, the designer will fully demonstrate the cultural connotation of “Beijing Winter Olympics Memory” throughout the creation, so that the environmental protection and reuse of the Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics seat cover cultural and creative package has more profound characteristics. At the same time, each cultural and creative package will be equipped with a customized code plate, which corresponds to each seat number of the bird’s nest, which is unique.

BN-22-03 315*225*60mm (length*width*thickness)

Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics Seat Cover The fabric is a high-elastic mesh fabric, commonly known as a sandwich fabric, which has the characteristics of firmness, durability and light texture. After removing the seats from the Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics, the professionally cleaned and sterilized seat cover materials are as clean as new. According to reports, the entire washing process is highly automated, and the seat cover is washed from entering the sorting system to drying without any human intervention, effectively avoiding secondary pollution.

Customized coding card for each bag (example)

The first phase of product Bird’s Nest will launch 3 cultural and creative products simultaneously Bag. According to reports, in accordance with the relevant industry standards for backpacks, in order to meet the requirements of the specified load-bearing, vibration impact performance and other use requirements, it has been professionally designed and manufactured, and corresponding auxiliary materials have been added, ranging from customized seat covers for the Winter Olympics to creative cultural and creative packages.

Among them, the 01 bag is formed by combining the spacer snowflake seat cover and other accessories. Snowflake fabric on the front, the snowflakes of each bag will show a different arrangement. Umbrellas and mineral water can be placed on the side, which is functional and practical. The inner compartment refines the functional divisions. The main body of the webbing uses the Chinese character of “Bird’s Nest” to reflect the Chinese style. It is designed with a dark pattern weaving technique, and the font of the bird’s nest can be seen from different angles. The 02 and 03 models are also machined from spacer snowflake seat covers and other accessories, but in different sizes. The 02 and 03 models feature the same custom webbing and accessories as the 01 model. Its square shape design can be adapted to popular notebook computers in the market.