The first 1 second hurts to the point of splitting, and in a blink of an eye my wife “goes to the sky in 1 second”, boys learn!


What hurts men the most?

Wife lying on the delivery bed

shouting another man’s name hoarsely

Just ask you

Hammer or not? Can’t stop? Do you want to die?

It’s terrifying

You are also grateful

Holding someone’s hand—

You must think—

No! I am not sleeply!

Because of the security and happiness I can’t give



It’s really possible! ! !

We met a pretty boy

Of course you may also meet beautiful girls

Brothers! friends!

I advise you

Would you like to hand over your daughter-in-law to them

Be sure to think carefully before giving birth!

After all, a painless childbirth was used

I really regret…

Those who have never experienced it

Unintelligible at all—

How painful is it to have a baby?

Newborns come into this world

The only “export”

That is—

Normally, the cervix is ​​only

Less than 1cm

And the newborn’s head

The widest part is about 9-10cm

The size of a small watermelon

Come on! Fine product!

It usually hurts to plug “Flammulina velutipes”

Now I’m just letting you squeeze in a small watermelon


This melon will not fall out with a puff

Wait until the cervix is ​​propped up to about 10cm large

To really start living

This is the so-called “open ten fingers”-

The worst part is that it won’t give you a good time

The process of tearing from 1 finger to 10 fingers

Even up to about 30 hours

This long and terrifying process is called—

Boys can imagine for themselves

My little p eye

Ripped apart every few minutes


Ripped apart

A picture that can put down a small melon

(Dangerous action! Do not imitate!)

Trust me at that time

Your daughter-in-law has only 2 thoughts in mind—

Don’t think this pain is over

Severe cases may result in—


Painless delivery


People! kind! Of! Light!

How did painless childbirth make you “go to heaven” in 1 second?

Speaking of this

That’s where to start—

Where does the pain come from?

We have many nerve receptors in the human body

Like a network cable, which is mainly responsible for transmission

Body Parts Injured by External Force

will output a signal

This signal will pass through the “network cable” of the nerve

All the way to the brain

The brain receives the signal

Send commands back to the body—

This is called “pain”

And a shot of anesthesia

How amazing is it?

Painless childbirth speaks volumes

Behind the mothers

One ​​shot

Of course this stitch

Not just any doctor can play

Must be qualified—

Hemp! drunk! division! medical! pregnancy!

(Don’t call me for surgery! I really don’t have a drop of energy)

When will it be administered?

How much? How to beat without pain?

They’re all screwed up

Usually when cervical opening reaches 2-3cm

It’s a great time to have a painless delivery!

The anesthesiologist will let you

Curl your legs and arch your back

Then around this position on the lower back

Prick 2 needles!

Don’t worry! 2 needles are used to reduce pain

Because the anaesthetic needs to be given into the spinal canal

So the needle of the 2nd needle is slightly thicker

To reduce pain during anaesthetic injections

Society of Anesthesiologists—

Put the first needle first: local anesthesia in a small area of ​​the lower back

Second needle: place an epidural catheter

(The anesthetic is injected into the body through this catheter)

As soon as the anesthetics enter the body

They are all stumbling blocks on the neural “net”

Click! Most of the signals are interrupted at once

Also called: Motion-Sensory Dissociation

As the name implies—

I can still move

But it doesn’t hurt

This is the most commonly used labor pain relief—

Spinal nerve block

(Currently the best and safest pain reliever)

So before and after your wife’s painless delivery

Absolutely! Like two people!

Before the painless delivery—

After a painless delivery



In the eyes of my wife in labor—

And I-

He is the one!

The man who really made my wife “go to heaven” in one second

The technique of painless delivery

Promoted in China for more than 20 years

However, the penetration rate is less than 10%

largely because

We have too many misconceptions about painless childbirth—

Tell you the truth

This is-


Extremely low doses of anaesthetic for painless delivery

Only 1/10 of the caesarean section

And painless labor anaesthetic is shot around the nerve

Blood and nerves are two separate systems

There are two ways

Want to squeeze in the anaesthetic? No way!

Not to mention into the placenta

So painless delivery—

No baby will be affected!

Don’t worry if you don’t work hard

Maintain strength and energy

Definitely good for having a baby

Not to mention screaming to death

Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to work hard?

As for Will pregnant mothers have low back pain

Are you trying to get pregnant in October?

You try confinement

Laying in bed for ten days and a half for a month?

Let’s put it this way—

One ​​of the standards of a good man in the new era——

Let the wife and children be in the hands of the anesthesiologist

(to do painless delivery)

Learn all!


That’s right

Don’t go, don’t go

Easter Egg~~


Absolute Treasures Boys and Girls—

They are really strong after all!

There are so many “postures”!


Make a mistake and come back

I mean

No matter how you lie down—


Supine position

Prone position

Lateral position


Various surgical positions

No matter how you lie down

He! real!

Anyone can (do anesthesia)!

Done! do not talk!

I don’t know if my wife loves him or not



I really want to try this man…



Source of this article: Shenzhen Health Commission