The examinee went to Beijing to take the exam, wrote a beautiful poem, and even the examiner was full of praise, but finally failed

“Chronicle of Tang Poems” records such a small story, the Tang Dynasty poet Zu Yong went to Chang’an to take the exam when he was young , The title given by the examiner is “Zhongnan Wang Yuxue”, and also gave strict requirements, that is, you must write a five-character rhythm poem with six rhymes and twelve lines. In the ancient imperial examinations, if you did not write poems according to the topics given by the examiners, it would be impossible for high school. The most famous example of this is Bai Juyi, a poet in the middle Tang Dynasty. “Fu De Gu Yuan Farewell”, probably most people only remember the first four lines, but they don’t have much impression at all about the last few lines describing the farewell poem, it’s just to deduct the title.

Zu Yong obviously did not follow the examiner’s request when he took the imperial examination. He wrote a five-character quatrain, and then handed in the answer. He felt that he had written four sentences enough, and there was no need to write any more. The examiner asked him to repeat it, but he seriously refused. , Zu Yong did not have a high school, but his poem has been handed down, so although he did not answer the questions as seriously as Bai Juyi, he also came out on top among those who took the exam. This poem is enough Stunning.

Zhongnan Yinling is beautiful, and the snow is floating in the clouds.

Lin said that the color was bright, and the city became colder.

The ancients liked to be prudent in doing things, one is one, the other is two, this has advantages and disadvantages, Of course, under what kind of environment, taking the imperial examination as an example, if a person has talent and morality, then it is enough. There is absolutely no need to write according to the rules. As long as the writing is good, people like it. Works, that’s enough, in the minds of many people, Zu Yong’s poem must be the first place, and it can definitely come out on top, but in the end the examiner did not admit him.

Actually, there were many geniuses in ancient times. They didn’t want to be outstanding, but they were useless. For many people, they were full of personality. The same is true for genius poets like Zu Yong. He clearly knew that if he wrote more If you go on, it will be superfluous, but the examiner does not care about these, as long as the candidates write poems as required, and then compare them one by one, and then distinguish a high and low. In fact, it is very easy to miss a lot of talents, and it also makes many people unable to truly exert their talents.

Then this “Zhongnan Wang Yuxue” is also a rare masterpiece, the whole poem The artistic conception is beautiful. The first two sentences create a unique charm. It is very beautiful and easy to understand. It roughly means; the north side of Zhongnan Mountain is beautiful, and the top of the mountain is still covered Baixue, the heavy snow is connected with the white clouds in the sky. These two sentences are very imposing and very charming, but they are so easy to write that they have written the unique snow scene of Zhongnan Mountain.

The last two sentences are even more interesting. They also write about the situation after the snow. Such a description , but also to highlight the final theme of this poem; “The forest shows the color, and the city is cold.” The weather is clear after the snow, the air is also very fresh, and the afterglow of the setting sun flickers between the trees, especially In the evening, the city was getting a bit chilly again. These two sentences echo the previous two sentences, which makes the poem more infectious and poetic. It is really amazing to read.

Although Zu Yong was famous in the imperial examination, his deeds and this poem However, it has been handed down all the time, and it has become an eternal story in the poetry circle of the Tang Dynasty. And we can learn a lot from such a small poem and the story of the poet, and understand more truths. A truly talented person has an independent mind and an independent personality. There is no doubt that Zu Yong has such a quality. In this poem, he wrote it according to his own requirements and did not follow the crowd. This is also the most worthwhile place for us to learn.