The cold wave hits after the winter month, remind everyone: do a good job of “2 prevention and 3 precautions”, so that the whole family can survive the winter safely

After entering the winter month, the cold winter officially begins. At this stage, strong cold air activities are more frequent, the outdoor temperature gradually drops below 0 degrees, and the natural scene becomes bleak.

In the face of the cold wave at this time, men, women and children should pay more attention, especially middle-aged and elderly people, must adapt to climate change and adjust some daily living and eating habits. Remind everyone to achieve “2 prevention and 3 suits”, lay a good physical foundation, and the whole family will survive the winter safely.

“2 anti “


After a light snowfall, the temperature drops significantly, and there are more windy days. , You can wear a hat and a scarf to keep you warm and windproof. Especially children and elderly people are more susceptible to the influence of the external environment, so it is best not to undress and dress casually.

Prevention from fire

Now people’s living conditions have improved a lot. Most areas will turn on the heating, or turn on the air conditioner. But in this way, staying indoors for a long time will make people feel hot and dry, and it is easy to get angry, so you must pay attention to adding more water, or prepare a humidifier for your home.

“3 appropriate”

< strong>Appropriate tonic

In the face of gradually cold weather, proper tonic can bring more energy to the body to increase resistance and strengthen Good to help keep out the cold. At this time, you can eat more nourishing and nutritious ingredients, including various grains, fruits and vegetables, such as radishes, shrimps, black sesame, white fungus, corn, oranges, chestnuts…

Go to bed early

The days are short and the nights are long in winter, It is the time when all things go dormant and hibernate. In accordance with the laws of nature, people should also ensure adequate sleep. So try not to stay up late at night and go to bed early, so that your body can get enough rest and rejuvenate.

It is advisable to drink tea

Drying in winter, it is necessary to hydrate the body, and drinking Tea is the way to go. Because tea is nutritious and healthy, daily drinking is also particularly nourishing and nourishing.

However, there are many types of tea in my country, because the properties of various teas are different It’s big, so it can’t be drunk in different seasons.

The following is an inventory of 2 kinds of weak tea suitable for drinking in winter, and it is best to drink now.

1. Qingchi Chrysanthemum Tea

Qingchi Chrysanthemum Tea is a traditional herbal tea in my country, it is here Drinking it from time to time can not only deal with the problem of getting angry, but also supplement some nutrients to the body to make it in a better state. Moreover, this tea has a fresh aroma, and drinking it can relieve boredom and make people feel happy.

It is outstanding in every aspect. Since ancient times, its cultivation method has been better and more perfect.

Because it is planted in a natural wet area, it benefits from the here Green ecology, abundant water sources, and fertile soil, Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum has accumulated full essence and matured, with plump and plump flowers and golden color.

Furthermore, after being picked, Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is processed by combining traditional steaming and baking techniques. The appearance of the dried flower is complete without broken petals, and the nutrients contained in it are not lost.


Take one at a time and brew it in a glass. The soup is bright yellow and clear, exuding a faint fragrance. When you drink it, the sweet and delicious taste is amazing.< /span>

2. Qimu Hawthorn Tea

Sweet and sour hawthorn, it is winter A common fruit. In addition to eating directly, many people in life will use it to make a cup of fruit tea for themselves after meals. It is refreshing and greasy, and it can also help food consumption and reduce body weight. body burden. In addition, hawthorn tea is also rich in nutrients, so it is very suitable to drink in winter when tonic is needed.

Usually, you can use Qimu Hawthorn Tablets, which are processed and freeze-dried fresh fruits and can grow Time storage, making tea is very convenient. The raw materials are fresh ripe hawthorns of the season. After manual selection, the large-grained, bright red fruits are pitted and sliced, and then frozen at low temperature. The finished product is thick and has a pure fruit fragrance.

Take three or four tablets each time and stuff them with hot water After soaking, the tea soup will soon turn slightly yellow, and the taste is moderately sweet and sour, which is liked by both adults and children.

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