The clouds in the winter moon are as white as snow

“Qingyanwei Literature” brush ink calligraphy and painting

Entering the winter moon, after a light rain in the island city, under the sky, the blue sky, and the white and flawless clouds are surging into the distance with the wind. The tall buildings lined up straight into the sky, looking for Feihong in the blue sky, there are thousands of scenes, such a calm and peaceful natural scenery. Blue sky, white clouds, high-rise buildings, intertwined…

Qijue Yun is as clean as snow (Xinyun)

The blue sky is far away,

The clouds are like cold snow and cold smoke.

Swan geese fly south in long lines,

The sky is clear and the gods are hidden.

Seven absolute clouds are as white as Cotton (New Rhyme)

The high sky is full of wind and blue sky,

The clouds are like cotton idlers.

Clean and flawless Xuan Baoyu,

Azure painted screen with deep scenery.

Qijue Baiyun (New Rhyme)

Yunshu Yunjuan kisses the shadow of the building,

To filter out the cool dust.

The chill gradually hits the tenants,

We know that there is a warm wind in the winter moon.

Seven Tall Buildings (New Rhyme)

There are no birds in the sky,

A hundred-foot-high building soars into the sky.

Looking up at the beautiful blue sky and surrounding space,

Looking at Wanshanjiao from afar.

One point number Kuixian Dabanxi

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