Texas green energy-themed short film “A Date in the Blue Sky” was shortlisted for the Cannes Mediterranean Film Festival

Qilu Yidian correspondent Gao Tao and reporter Xu Liang

On November 24, Dezhou’s first short film on green energy theme “A Date in the Blue Sky” was shortlisted for the 2022 Cannes Mediterranean Film Festival Story The short film unit will continue to compete for individual awards.

The Cannes Mediterranean Film Festival is one of the most New Wave film festivals in France and one of the 100 most acclaimed film festivals in the world. It is respected and loved by filmmakers all over the world. The festival aims to encourage independent filmmakers to continue to innovate and explore, so that independent filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase their works without being restricted by any commercial environment. Winners will receive support and promotion opportunities from the LinkTip Association.

The film “A Date in the Blue Sky” “Co-produced by Dezhou Development and Reform Commission, Yucheng Committee of the Communist Party of China, Yucheng People’s Government, and Yucheng Development and Reform Bureau, Gao Hongyu is the chief planner and chief producer, Yin Tiezheng wrote the screenplay, and won the best foreign language short film unit of the 2019 Nice Film Festival in France Nominated as director, three works won Taishan Literature and Art Award in Shandong Province, directed by Li Quanlin, a native Texas director. Ma Ling, a famous actress who was nominated for Best Actress in Cannes Film Festival, Golden Rooster Award, Hundred Flowers Award and Golden Eagle Award, participated in “Daranfang” Actor Zhang Yuanrong of “Crossing Guandong” and other film and television dramas, actor Liu Chao who has starred in “Grandma’s Dumpling House”, veteran artist Wu Yusheng, and young actor Zhang Bo starred in the film, which was produced by Shandong Star Feeling Film Co., Ltd.

The film “A Date in the Blue Sky” is a short film that combines thoughtfulness, appreciation and artistry. With the background of “3060, Dezhou first”, the film tells the story of entrepreneurs struggling in the field of green energy industry, striving to achieve their ideals in life with wisdom and sweat, and restoring the clear water and blue sky of nature. The film as a whole is full of positive energy, which not only allows the audience to further understand the importance of energy conservation, emission reduction, and protection of the atmospheric environment, but also encourages people to consciously change their lives and production methods with the goal of green and low carbon.

The film is a major promotion of Dezhou’s green energy industry and the brand and image of Yucheng City. , Building a beautiful home is of great significance.

Co-produced by Dezhou Development and Reform Commission and State Grid Dezhou Power Supply Company, and produced by Shandong Star Feeling Film Co., Ltd., Dezhou’s second green energy-themed short film “Heart to the Sun” was completed at the end of September On-site shooting, chief planner and chief producer Gao Hongyu, screenwriters Yin Tiezheng and Liu Xiaodong, directed by Li Quanlin, starring famous actor Shao Feng, young actors Gu Feng, Zi Fuer and many other actors from Texas. The film will premiere soon.