The cliffs and cliffs have been transformed into paths.

The middle and high mountain trestle road in Yandang Mountain runs through the whole line. Photo by Correspondent Ye Jintao

Recently, the plank road construction of the Yandang Mountain Middle and High Mountain Tour Project has been completed, and about 96% of the guardrail has been completed. From a distance, the plank road is like a dragon, hovering above the cliffs. The Yandang Mountain Middle and High Mountain Tour Project is designed to change the traditional tour mode of “seeing the peaks at the bottom of the valley”. It will build a multi-dimensional tour system of Yandang Valley bottom, middle mountains and high mountains to enrich the tour experience and realize the core of Yandang Mountain. The scenic spot is organically connected with the Xianshengmen Scenic Spot and Xianqiao Scenic Spot in the north. The planned spatial layout of the project is “one center, one system, three areas”, one center is the tourist service center, one system is the Yaotai fairyland slow travel experience system, and the three areas are the village style leisure area, the Xianshengmen fairy trail cultural experience area, and the Prince Jin Dynasty. The Dengxian Cultural Exploration Zone will create a slow-moving experience system with the most cultural characteristics in the southeast region with the theme of “exploration, plundering, and thrilling”. The staff of the Yandang Mountain Management Committee reminded that the project guardrail, viewing platform, rest pavilion, etc. are still under construction, and unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter.

Blue Media Alliance • Yueqing Shirong Media Center Reporter: Liu Lijuan

Correspondent: Ye Jintao