The cabin is isolated, these 7 types of items must be brought together, they are all necessary for life, and they are easy to carry

During the epidemic, many things are unpredictable, so we have to prepare as much as possible in advance. In case we are suddenly notified of isolation, we can take it easy and deal with it calmly.

The following is a list of necessary items for isolation, it is recommended that you prepare these Items, I hope you will never use this list, and may we overcome the epidemic as soon as possible!

1. Necessary items

First prepare a trolley case at home, after receiving the quarantine notice , pack the things immediately, pull up the suitcase and go, which is convenient and quick.

The necessary items mainly include ID cards, mobile phones, chargers, and masks.

If it is convenient, you can bring a fully charged power bank with a larger capacity to prevent power failure or damage to the charger.

2. Clothes

Prepare a warm jacket. I received the quarantine notice at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. The driver called to let me go downstairs at 2 o’clock, and then waited on the road for nearly an hour. Fortunately, I was wearing a down jacket at that time, otherwise Really cold.

Also prepare 2 sets of changing clothes, underwear, socks, etc. Try to wear long-sleeved underwear, which can be worn directly as pajamas.


Isolation points generally provide disposable slippers, you can bring a pair of sandals and slippers yourself, wash Wear it when your feet are in the shower.

If you are worried about the bed sheets and quilt covers at the isolation point, you can bring a set yourself, so you can use it with more confidence.

3. Food

The isolation point will provide basic three meals and drinking water, so you don’t need to prepare too much food, but when you first checked into the cabin, the staff may not have time to prepare meals, so you should bring some food that can temporarily satisfy your hunger , such as 2 bottles of water, bread, braised eggs, ham sausage, etc.

In addition, you can bring some snacks, fruits, coffee, etc. that you like to eat. It is best to bring a thermal insulation cup, it is more convenient to drink hot water.

4. Daily necessities

The isolation point will provide toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash If you don’t want to use what they provide, you can bring a wash bag, prepare toothbrush, toothpaste, cups, cleanser, shampoo, bath Lotion, towels and other toiletries.

Roll paper, tissue paper and feminine hygiene products should also be prepared, and you can also bring a few hangers and clips to facilitate drying clothes.

Friends who are more sensitive to the environment can prepare earplugs and eye masks, which will help improve sleep.

5. Disinfection and protective supplies

First of all, prepare more masks, preferably N95 masks, in case you open the door Wear it when eating, measuring body temperature, and collecting nucleic acid.

Followed by alcohol, hand sanitizer, 84 disinfectant Or disinfection wipes , these items are mainly used for disinfection and sterilization of personal rooms and items, although the isolation points will be disinfected regularly, but we can not relax,Especially every time you open the door to pick up meals or do nucleic acid, you must do a good job of disinfection, just in case.

6. Medicines

If you have underlying diseases, you must prepare the medicines you need , You can prepare more; other commonly used medicines such as cold medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine, diarrhea medicine, band-aid, iodophor cotton swab, etc.

Isolation points generally have thermometers, we’d better bring another electronic thermometer, It is convenient to measure body temperature at any time.

7. Office and entertainment supplies

The mentality is also very important during the quarantine period. Try not to worry, keep a happy mood, and face everything with a relaxed attitude. You can bring notebooks, tablets and other office equipment, which can be used for work, entertainment, and relaxation.

bring a few books Books, when you are bored, reading books is a good way to pass the time and enrich your knowledge.

You can also bring simple fitness supplies such as skipping ropes.


Isolation is a long process, we must prepare in advance and deal with it calmly , take it easy, face the isolation with a relaxed attitude. I hope this list can help you, and hope that the epidemic will end soon.