Don’t underestimate “mild fatty liver”, it may increase the risk of seven layers, these six types of people should be vigilant

Many people think that mild fatty liver is not a serious problem and should not be taken seriously, but studies have shown that even mild fatty liver will increase the risk of death by 71%, and the risk is related to the severity of fatty liver proportional to the extent. Fatty liver poses a great threat to health. After capturing the liver, it will also affect the health of tissues and organs throughout the body, and even cause cancer. Under normal circumstances, adipocytes or hepatocytes with steatosis only account for 3% to 5% of all hepatocytes. According to the proportion of adipocytes in all hepatocytes, the degree of fatty liver can be divided: more than 5%, it is mild fatty liver , more than 10%, for moderate fatty liver, more than 25%, for severe fatty liver.

Six types of people are prone to fatty liver, please refer to below.

1. Obese people: Obesity is the main cause of fatty liver. When there are too many lipids, the apolipoprotein (a tool for transporting fat) in the liver is not enough to combine all the fat, and the remaining fat is deposited in the liver cells to form obese fatty liver. The degree of fat accumulation in the liver is positively correlated with body weight, so the fatter you are, the more likely you are to develop fatty liver.

2. People who drink alcohol: People who drink alcohol for a long time are prone to alcoholic fatty liver. According to statistical analysis, people who drink more than 80-160 grams of alcohol per day, the incidence of alcoholic fatty liver increases by 5-25 times.

3. Diabetic patients: Fatty liver is not only related to the degree of obesity, but also related to eating too much fatty food or sugary food. Statistics show that about 58% of diabetic patients can develop fatty liver, especially obese adults.

4. Malnourished people: when insufficient food intake, digestive disorders, etc. cause malnutrition, resulting in a lack of protein in the body, the liver cannot incorporate apolipoproteins, and it is easy to make fat in the liver accumulation.

5. People who eat too much: love to eat takeaway, often eat fried food, carnivorism, will greatly increase the amount of fat that the liver needs to synthesize, so that they are too busy , the fat will stay in the liver.

6. Drug abusers: Drugs entering the body need to be detoxified by the liver. Some drugs or chemical poisons can damage the liver and interfere with lipoprotein metabolism. Long-term abuse will increase drug-induced fat Liver chances.