The biggest difficulty in losing weight is that you can’t control your mouth, and 10 tips to lose weight without being hungry

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The biggest difficulty in losing weight is keeping your mouth shut.

Eating less and moving more is easier said than done.

If you can control your mouth, the way to lose weight is too easy, so it is very important to lose weight without being hungry.

Today, I share 10 tips for losing weight without being hungry.

1. Eat nutrient-dense foods

Why you are hungry is mainly because of insufficient nutrient intake, and cells will send you a signal.

Many obese people, despite eating a lot, are still hungry because they excess calories and are malnourished.

If you have a strong appetite, it is useless to eat salads, it is useless to eat low-calorie foods, and it is useless to eat whole grains.

You want to eat nutrient-dense foods, such as: liver, egg yolks, grass-fed beef and mutton, salmon, seafood such as oysters, and goose Liver, caviar and more.

When you are particularly thirsty, foods that can help you reduce your appetite include: dark chocolate, black coffee, MCT oil, sugar-free yogurt, natto, and more.

2. Eat original food and reduce food additives

Why are you greedy, because you are addicted to food. Food additives are very addictive, especially MSG, and added refined sugar.

Many people are low-carb and gain weight because they eat a lot of unclean food and eat too much delicious food, resulting in excessive calories.

If you want to reduce your appetite, it is recommended to eat original food, use simple cooking methods and reduce the addition of seasonings.

3. Cut down on your addictive foods

A food that makes you addicted, if you don’t eat it for three days, you will have a withdrawal reaction, which will make you thirsty and want to eat.

Many food ingredients can make you addicted, such as gluten in pasta, fructose in fruit, and crunch Crispy biscuits that produce the Maillard reaction will keep you entertained.

These foods are difficult to quit all at once. It is recommended to gradually reduce them and not eat more frequently to stimulate your appetite.

4. Stabilize your emotions

Many times you want to eat because of emotional instability, the main source of which is stress, anxiety and boredom.

Negative emotions can easily lead to overeating. When overeating, you eat the emotions, not the taste of the food. You don’t even have the opportunity to taste the taste of the food. .

For those who are emotionally unstable, it is recommended to supplement magnesium, B vitamins (especially B12), and zinc to ease their emotions.

The sun is also important, of course.

5. Sun exposure increases serotonin levels

Sun exposure increases serotonin levels, reduces appetite, improves metabolism, and helps us sleep better at night.

If you want to lose weight more easily, you must get enough sun, in addition to supplementing tryptophan in the sun to stabilize your mood.

6. Sleep well and relieve stress

The most direct impact of staying up late and not sleeping well is decreased metabolism and strong appetite.

Not sleeping well can cause you to become more and more anxious and stressed. The premise of good sleep is to have a stable circadian rhythm.

Work and rest must be regular, what time do you go to bed, what time do you get up, don’t disturb your biological clock easily, sleep is the first step and the most important thing to lose weight in a healthy way.

7. Don’t ride the blood sugar roller coaster

A low-carb diet can stabilize blood sugar and control appetite.

If you eat carbohydrates every day and ride the blood sugar roller coaster, your appetite will definitely be very strong, eat three meals a day at each meal, If you don’t eat a meal, you will be hungry strong>.

Your first source of hunger is low blood sugar, cutting carbs, eating high-quality fats, producing ketones, and helping you reduce your appetite.

Only when blood sugar is stable can your appetite be stable and your mood stable.

8. Improve your digestion

Intake of food, nutrient absorption or not, is closely related to your digestive ability.

Your stomach acid level, your digestive enzyme level, directly affects your ability to digest.

Without good digestion, not only will you be hungry, but it will also lead to malnutrition.

9. Improve your gut

Sometimes, when you are hungry, it is not your first brain that is hungry, it may be your second brain.

The gut is the second brain. There are many harmful bacteria that rely on sugar for a living. If you eat less sugar, it will send you a signal to eat.

It is recommended to supplement with specific probiotics to whet your appetite.

10. Supplement with specific nutrients

If you don’t eat enough and don’t get enough sources of nutrients, you’re likely to be undernourished, leading to a strong appetite.

At this time, adding some specific nutrients can make your appetite easier.

Omega-3 fish oil, for example, can reduce inflammation and reduce leptin resistance, while B complex, zinc, and tryptophan increase your serotonin levels.

Look at your needs and supplement with specific nutrients.