WHO raises the highest level of alert! Over 16,000 monkeypox cases

On July 23, the World Health Organization announced that the ongoing monkeypox outbreak in many countries and regions constituted a “international concern” Public Health Emergency”.

It is worth noting that this is one of the highest alerts ever issued by WHO!

Image source: WHO official website

As of July 23, 75 countries and territories have reported to WHO More than 16,000 monkeypox cases.

Before there was a new crown pneumonia epidemic, and then there was a monkeypox epidemic. How terrible is monkeypox, which once again caused panic in Europe and the United States? Is monkeypox more deadly than COVID-19? Will the monkeypox epidemic spread to my country?

Stop believing the rumors and make it clear today!

1. What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a rare zoonotic disease caused by monkeypox virus, a genus of Orthopoxvirus belonging to the Vertebratepoxviridae subfamily of the Poxviridae family. Similar to cowpox, rabbitpox, chickenpox, and pigpox, this group of viruses is often named in relation to the animal it infects.

After human infection with monkeypox virus, symptoms include rash, blisters, and gradually develop into pustules, fever, fatigue, muscle pain, etc.

However, monkeypox is a self-limiting disease, which means that it will recover on its own with symptomatic treatment or even no treatment, as long as there are no serious complications.

However, a small number of patients may suffer from severe illness, collapse and collapse and die. The fatality rate is about 1% to 10%, which is especially dangerous for children.

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2. How is monkeypox spread?

When we mention monkeypox, we subconsciously think that monkeys are the main spreaders of the virus, but in fact, monkeys are a bit innocent…

Monkeypox virus can indeed be transmitted to humans through many animals including monkeys, but it is generally believed that rodents are the main communicators of monkeypox, but the source of transmission was initially found to be monkeys, so it was named after monkeys. virus.

In the known cases of monkeypox virus transmission, most of them are caused by human contact with wild animals with the virus, and transnational transmission is often related to the transportation of wild animals.

Similar to other infectious diseases, monkeypox virus needs to be transmitted through human respiratory tract, digestive tract and contact through animal blood, body fluids and secretions.

Rodents carrying monkeypox virus, animals infected with monkeypox virus, and patients may cause transmission. If the source of transmission is not found and controlled in time, just like the monkeypox outbreak this time, it will eventually spread among many countries in Europe and the United States.

Chinese disease control expert Wu Zunyou said that monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease in history, but in the cases reported in European and American countries, about 95% of the cases were caused by sexual Behavioural infection spread, with men who have sex with men having the highest risk of monkeypox infection.

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3. The relationship between monkeypox and smallpox

In terms of relationship, both smallpox virus and monkeypox virus belong to the genus Orthopoxvirus and are very close.

Inoculation of smallpox vaccine can prevent monkeypox virus infection at the same time, and it is currently believed that the protection rate is about 85%.

In terms of lethality, the two are not so close.

The case fatality rate of monkeypox is 1% to 10%, while smallpox can reach 30%. And the R0 of smallpox can reach 3, which means that one smallpox patient can infect three people without vaccination and protection. It is highly infectious and has a high mortality rate, which is the scary part of the smallpox virus.

Image source: Baotu.com

4. Will monkeypox spread to my country?

Although more than 16,000 cases of monkeypox have been found in Europe and the United States, it has not yet spread to my country. Therefore, people should not be overly nervous, but take protective measures.

Most people in our country have been injected with smallpox vaccine, which has a very high protection against monkeypox virus;

The new crown epidemic has repeated, wearing a mask and washing hands frequently has become a daily habit. This good habit is important for preventing the spread of monkeypoxAlso very effective;

Avoid traveling to countries or regions with monkeypox outbreaks;

Avoid dirty sex , take protective measures to protect your own safety.


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