The beginning of autumn

The sky gathers the color of summer, and the leaves move the sound of autumn


If you compare the seasons to a complete dynasty, then last night was happy The dripping lightning and thunder, and the violent storms, are the declaration and challenge of the newborn autumn to the king of summer.

Those lovely crystal raindrops really brightened up the murmur of autumn insects, and their cry in the night was instantly clear and bright, full of positive rhythm, as if to say: Autumn is mine dynasty! Really! In the oracle bone inscriptions in the past, the word “autumn” was completely in the shape of a cricket in the Book of Songs, indicating that insects sing autumn. Crickets are one of the most important elements and the most distinctive sign of the beginning of autumn. Later, in the evolution of characters, the word “wo” was added to the left of the cricket shape, and the original meaning was that the crops were mature. Perhaps it is still not satisfactory, and “fire” is added below the grass to indicate that the grain is ripe in autumn, just like the fire is burning.

Waking up in the morning of the beginning of autumn, the sky and the earth were as clear and bright as the wash, and the morning breeze was like smooth silk, with a slight coolness. It can be seen that the real shocking autumn does not just start from a sycamore leaf. It is said that the court in ancient times was very interesting. They moved the potted sycamore (can this kind of sycamore plant be potted? How big is the flower pot?) into the house, and when the time of the beginning of autumn arrives, it will be high. He shouted: “autumn is here”, so the leaves of the sycamore fell, this is called one leaf knows the autumn.

How come I heard that the leaves of the sycamore tree didn’t fall off naturally, but died of fright, and the shouting sounded like the meaning of slashing after the autumn when the time came.

Actually, August and September of the solar calendar are extended summer days. The crops are in a hurry to mature, but the leaves are not in a hurry to leave the branches. Only a careful person can see that the shade of the tree has changed from the thickness of copper coins to the thinness of gauze, and a faint yellow halo appears around the sun that scorches the earth. That was a harbinger of Xia preparing to abdicate.

All the weeds are growing wildly with the rain, and the beans planted in the open space in front of the building are climbing around at a speed of almost seconds, and the beans grow an inch in a blink of an eye! Mother said: On the eighteenth day of the beginning of autumn, every inch of grass will bear seeds. Isn’t it? The little rabbit’s favorite folk called Larenman’s Humulus seems to grow many cute little fruits in an instant. I never knew that this ubiquitous weed would also bear seeds. All the plants that live in the world have no distinction between noble and lowly, so how can they not bear seeds? It can be seen that people always have a narrow sense of misunderstanding when looking at things.

A shocking autumn is sometimes a kind of sudden realization, and the irresistible way of heaven hidden behind nature suddenly becomes clear at a certain threshold. The sound of insects that are still in the wild in July; the beans with seeds; the slightly reddish sumac leaves on the edges, and the autumn wind that leaves scratches on the water surface, all of which make people feel that the season is moving step by step towards the depths of autumn… …

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