Crossing Siming Mountain, the scenery on the road is better than the scenic spot

The scenery is not only at the destination, but also on the road, changing and charming.

Siming Mountain stretches across the Ningshao area of ​​Zhejiang Province, spanning Haishu, Yuyao, Fenghua in Ningbo City and six counties and urban areas in Shangyu, Shengzhou and Xinchang in Shaoxing City. It has the reputation of the second Lushan Mountain.

Haishu, Yuyao, Shangyu, Shengzhou, Fenghua, connecting any two points to cross Siming Mountain is equivalent to crossing the scenery, with different seasons and weather, the scenery is different.

The destination of Yingzhi’s trip is Yanxia Mountain Natural Village, Lizhou Village, Simingshan Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City, the second I visited Qinglongtan for the second time.

Starting from Ningbo City to Zhangshui Town, Haishu District, along the Mibei Highway into the mountain, passing Jiaokou Reservoir to Xiling Village, the stream is filled with mist and beautiful like a fairyland.

The water in the stream comes from the Zhougongzhai Reservoir upstream. The water flows out from the bottom of the dam, and the water temperature is low. It is cool and cool, and when encountering an external high temperature environment, water mist is generated.

Along the Dajiao River, upstream from Xiling Village, through Xiayan to Du’ao, it is a good place to escape the summer heat. Yingzhi has traveled 12 times.

In this trip, Yingzhi turns right from Xiling Village and walks along the fine north line highway. The fine north line highway is currently It is still in the process of upgrading and transformation, and it is usually necessary to bypass the thin line, but in the morning and evening, that is, before the construction workers go to work and after get off work, the thin north line is still passable.

On the side of the fine north line, from the mid-level of Torreya Mountain, you can overlook the panoramic view of Xiayan Village.

Since the summer of 2021, Xiayan Village has suddenly become popular on the Internet, because there are self-media people hanging on the tree by the stream After taking the swing, I took the video of swinging on the stream, and then I removed the swing. In the video, Xiayan Village was described as Lugu Lake in Ningbo. The video quickly became popular on the Internet. Later, people wanted to go to Xiayan Village to swing. There are no swings to swing.

But Xiayan Village quickly became popular, traffic jams on weekends and crowds of people.

Chishui Village glass viewing platform, built in 2017, next to it stands an octagonal pavilion, also called Huaguang Terrace, which has become A prominent landmark in the Siming Mountains.

Every time I pass by here, I will stop here to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Siming.

The Zhougongzhai Reservoir surrounded by mountains, surrounded by clouds and mists, is equally beautiful as a fairyland.

Yingzhi met 3 divers in Qinglongtan, they said, the biggest water they have ever seen in their diving experience The next creature is in the Zhougongzhai Reservoir.

In the 70-meter deep water area, the giant herring is 3 meters long, and it is frightening at first sight.

The diver and the big herring came across unexpectedly and were scared.

The big herring thinks the diver is a water monster, and the diver thinks the big herring is a water monster!

If one day you see a water monster in the Zhougongzhai Reservoir, don’t panic, it’s a big herring.

If the reservoir is renovated in a certain year and the water is drained, there will be a big surprise underwater!

How much is the big herring worth over 100 catties? Estimated!

When you enter the Siming Mountain by taking the narrow north road, you must pass the Thatched Ancient Tree Park.

The group of ancient trees in thatched wok is a scenic spot for autumn viewing in Ningbo, and Yingzhi has visited it 25 times in more than ten years.

Yingzhi has been to more than 20 places, there are four in Ningbo: Maowok, Qingjiangan, Zhongcun and Jiaokeng.

The thatched wok is famous for its ancient trees, such as pine trees, ginkgo biloba, torreya, sweetgum and other tree species. In late autumn, the leaves turn yellow and red.

In 2012, the ancient village of Maowok was demolished, and the Maowok without the atmosphere of people and fireworks can no longer be heard from villagers telling stories. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it loses its charm.

From then on, every time Yingzhi entered Siming Mountain, the wok passed by in a hurry, and he never stayed in the wok for a long time.

On May 18, 2021, Ningbo City launched the “146” road network project in Siming Mountains. The key project is Construction of Tongkeng Tunnel Road.

Tongkeng Tunnel Road, including two tunnels and a bridge, starts from Tongkeng Village, Longguan Township, Haishu District, Ningbo City. The first tunnel is about 2 kilometers long and runs from Tongkeng Village through Nanfenggang to Taokeng River, crosses Taokeng River through a bridge of 800 meters, and then crosses Wuyanjiangang through a second tunnel of about 3 kilometers.

Continue to move forward, passing Lijiakeng Village, living around the stream, between two mountains, like a Moon Bay, this landform is very similar to the downstream Duao Village and Xiayan Village.

Lijiakeng villagers are mainly surnamed Li. According to genealogy records, they are descendants of Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty.

In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the world was in turmoil. Li Gongjian, a young man who originally lived in Yongkang, Zhejiang, moved his family to this place to live in seclusion and gradually became a large village in order to avoid the war.

Lijiakeng once had a summer rafting project, which is famous far and near. The No. 1 Drift in East Zhejiang”, unfortunately, there have been several safety accidents during the operation.

Downstream of Lijiakeng, Zhougongzhai Reservoir and Jiaokou Reservoir are the drinking water reservoirs for Ningbo people and are known as two big water tanks for Ningbo people.

In 2018, due to environmental protection reasons in the drinking water source area, the rafting project upstream of the reservoir was suspended.

After the cancellation of Lijiakeng rafting, it has now become a place for people to swim, barbecue and play in the water to escape the heat.

Wherever the barbecue army goes, the environment will be degraded.

Upstream of Lijiakeng, Dayu Village, Dalan Town, Yuyao City, the original Four Window Rocks drifted.

Beixi Village, Simingshan Town, Yuyao City, the original Beixi rafting.

In 2018, it was also closed for environmental reasons.

Yingzhi’s destination, Qinglongtan, is located in Yanxia Mountain, Lizhou Village, Simingshan Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City. The natural village is located between Yanxiashan Reservoir and Dahengshan Reservoir.

Yingzhi met 3 divers here, and they said that the deepest natural pool they had dived was Qinghai. Longtan, 9 meters deep, is the deepest natural water pool in Ningbo.

Qinglongtan, this year has become a popular route for donkey friends to play in the river.

There are four secret dragon pools in Siming Mountains, Ningbo City, namely Qinglong Pool, Black Dragon Pool, White Dragon Pool and Yellow Dragon Pool. Among them, the Black Dragon Pool has been opened as a scenic spot, and the fee-charging operation began in July this year. In addition, the construction of the scenic spot has also started in the White Dragon Pool.

There are fewer and fewer good places to play for free, play and cherish.