The ancient and modern prescription, soothing the liver and relieving depression, invigorating the spleen and nourishing blood, who is Xiaoyao San suitable for?

Xiaoyao San has been widely loved by physicians since the birth of “Taiping Huimin He Ji Ju Fang” in the Song Dynasty. It can soothe the liver and relieve depression, strengthen the spleen and nourish the blood. Everyone’s stomach has been hurt, everyone has some small emotions, or anxiety or tension, which kind of person is Xiaoyaosan suitable for?

An unhappy appetite and unhappy transportation. The second one is that the liver is not stagnant, and the mood swings are intense. It is suitable for these two types of people, so it regulates the liver and spleen.

Xiaoyao San. This soup recipe is really good, I don’t know how much I used. What can be talked about in Chinese medicine is crowded into the top ten famous prescriptions, how can I talk about this!

Xiaoyao San is a famous formula in ancient and modern times, soothes the liver and relieves depression, strengthens the spleen and nourishes blood.

It has Poria, Atractylodes and Licorice, half of Four Gentlemen, Angelica and Shaoyao and half of Four Gentlemen, which means Four Things and Four Gentlemen He takes half of it to nourish qi and nourish blood. This recipe does not hurt people, but mainly nourishes qi and blood. Add a little Bupleurum, ginger, mint, to degrade the stomach, and eat this side to have the Qi of Shaoyang.

After eating, women’s blood stasis and fever are the best.

I once had a fever with the first menstrual period, blood stasis fever, 3 doses of Xiaoyao Powder was enough, and it never recurred. This is called blood stasis fever.

There are also ordinary cases, so I won’t talk about them, but some peculiar cases.

I have amenorrhea for half a year and can’t be cured, then I use Xiaoyao San to add a single herb, madder, madder, red, clearing the meridians It is very good, and there is also a blind medicine of Sichuan Achyranthes going down, 20 grams of madder, and 30 grams of Sichuan Achyranthes. One dose of medicine, menstrual flow, she thought it was too clever!

Xiaoyao San keeps qi and blood flowing freely, and the menstrual water is smooth and active. Because people don’t heal for a long time, the liver is tensed, and the meridian water will not be adjusted. Once the liver relaxes, the meridian water will come down.

There is also a case of anorexia, which is so severe that I have no appetite for three meals a day, and I reluctantly eat, and I feel nauseous after eating. It turned out that he had experienced a blow, his feelings were not smooth, he was slumped, and he couldn’t get food again, which was troublesome.

Some people have stronger willpower, stronger appetite and more power after being attacked. But some people wilt as soon as they hit it, and it’s hard to cheer up.

Xiaoyao San immediately, why? Because he has a stringed pulse with a string, the main pulse of Xiaoyaosan is a bit stringy and hard.

Three doses of medicine, stomach peristalsis and craving for food, this has never happened in four or five months, and three more doses of medicine will be fine.This is the spiritual effect of Xiaoyaosan.

There is also an old man with optic nerve weakness, he said that he could not see anything when he entered the house, and his eyes were shriveled and dark. He’s only in his 60s, how could this happen?

It turns out that his son is disobedient, and he often fights with his son, and his eyes are blinded. After being angry, the eyesight of the eyes will decline. How can ordinary people believe this?

However, some people have poor laxative function, and their eyes will be confused and dim when one’s anger is reversed. Using Xiaoyao Powder and Lycium barbarum, chrysanthemum, and vines, the result is only about 20 doses, and the eyes are dark and bright. This is the aging of the optic nerve. of.

And dysmenorrhea, there are too many cases of dysmenorrhea. So, if there is a prescription that can cure dysmenorrhea, what is it? That’s free and easy. Dysmenorrhea is in the abdomen, the liver meridian of Jueyin in the abdomen, and the lower genitals.

Some people say that I have dysmenorrhea, why is the effect of ginger jujube tea not ideal? Plus Xiaoyaosan, why?

She has cold congealing qi stagnation, and light cold condensing will cause dysmenorrhea. Qi stagnation will also cause pain, Qi stagnation and blood stasis will cause pain. She is sedentary for such a long time, and now girls are sedentary for a long time, and they eat ice cream. Sedentary people, gas stagnation. If the shape does not move, the essence will not flow, if the essence does not flow, the qi will be stagnant, and the qi will suffer from pain. Han Ning is suffering from freezing pain after eating cold, so I use ginger jujube tea and Xiaoyao powder for three consecutive cycles, and the dysmenorrhea is cured. This is a small problem.

There are also Xiaoyaosan that can best deal with fullness of the flanks, hyperplasia of the breast, and hyperplasia of the breast lobules in women.

Although it is not a serious illness, sometimes it is easy to worry about nodules. You can buy Xiaoyao Pills or play Xiaoyaosan yourself. Prepare Xiaoyao San yourself, and make it according to the ancient recipe, the effect is more powerful. But the authentic medicinal materials should not be shoddy, and the fake should be used instead of the real.

why Can’t the quality of traditional Chinese medicine stabilize it?

Because there are many people in it who use the shadow of Chinese medicine to make a living, that is to say, they eat Chinese medicine. Originally, Chinese medicine is very good, but he did not make it with conscience, so many people misunderstood Chinese medicine.

So Chinese medicine cannot be attacked, but quack doctors should be attacked, fake Chinese medicine should be attacked, and fake doctors should be attacked. If you follow the ancient recipes, the medicinal materials are authentic, and the dialectical alignment is used, these three are all at the same time, and you will see good results every day.

There is another case. At the end of last year, a patient sent a message. She said, Doctor, I am from Sichuan, and I have a headache.

I said I can’t see your tongue or cut your pulse, tell me a little bit, when did your headache get worse?

The cause must be subdued before the cause, and we must cut off its transmission before the cause. Change the way. Then she said that when she quarreled with her husband, her eyes swelled and her head hurt.

By the way, this is called liver stagnation transforming into fire. She is not simply suffering from stagnation of liver qi. If the liver qi is stagnant, it is free to disperse. Liver stagnation transforms into fire, Xiaoyao San and Danpi Gardenia are called Danzhi Xiaoyao San. Because Danpi disperses blood heat, gardenia disperses heat and clears heat.

Some people say it’s boring, some people say I’m on fire, that’s different. It’s so boring, so happy.

I’m so angry that I’m on fire, Danzhi Xiaoyao San, also known as Jiawei Xiaoyao San. This is Xiaoyaosan, and then she bought the flavored one to eat the reaction, and after two courses of treatment, her eyes were not swollen, and her head was not sore.

Dissipate Qi stagnation and shake blood stasis, which is called Xiaoyao San, which is the true meaning of Xiaoyao San.

Zhuangzi’s “Xiaoyaoyou” says,like the sun moving and ice disappearing, although it is exhausted, its essence is not exhausted.

As soon as the yang energy comes, the ice dissolves. Although the ice consumes and dissolves, it won’t hurt at all. When the boat moves and the water shakes, the boat is moving and the water is shaking, but you see, no matter how the water shakes, will it hurt the boat? Won’t!

Therefore, it is like going to a doctor to dissipate the stagnation of Qi and shake the blood stasis, all without harm Righteousness, so Xiaoyaosan will not hurt Zheng.

How to differentiate and use Xiaoyaosan is a key point. It means to aim at the pathogenesis and hit it right away. Motivated by its motive, Wan Hua’an, “Yellow Emperor Yin Fu Jing” said.

Wrinkled brows, masked face, breathy speech, stringy pulse, stagnant walking, free and scattered.


A person frowns tightly, his brows are wrinkled, his heart has a thousand knots, and he is scattered.

Second, speaking is negative energy, and negative energy is not free , You listened very harshly, Xiaoyaosan.

Thirdly, those with no smiley face, masked face, happy and relaxed.

Fourth, its pulse string, Xiaoyaosan.

Fifth, walk out of depression.

< span>What is a depressed step?

As long as it’s not that kind of stride shooting star Happy, like a bird pecking every five steps, drinking every ten steps, and jumping while walking, that is happiness. The opposite of cheerfulness is not happy, walking is heavy, and it is deeply affected. p>

The movie seems to be deep in The silt can’t be pulled out, it’s sloppy, and it’s easy to disperse. And he’s still taking small steps, his heart is not free, and even the pace has become smaller. These are the summary of the teacher’s small work.

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As long as you know these signs, you can use them.

How fast is this, very fast. As long as there are three certificates, anyone who has five certificates and three certificates can be used, hurry up. Then there are some unhappy, decreased appetite in the later stage. All are incidental.

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