The 46-year-old sister found a 6mm pulmonary nodule, and the nodules gradually disappeared within half a year. These practices are worth learning

Many people find lung nodules during the physical examination. Facing this kind of situation, they are always particularly afraid, and they are always worried that they will become cancerous. In fact, lung nodules It is a variable multiorgan granulomatous disease.

To put it bluntly, there is a small lump on your lungs. These imaging concepts, A pulmonary nodule is a shadow that does not belong to normal lung tissue.

In clinical medicine, pulmonary nodules are distinguished according to their size, generally less than three centimeters in diameter are called nodules Nodules, smaller ones are called small nodules, smaller ones are called micro nodules if they are less than three millimeters, and lumps if they are larger than three centimeters.

A 46-year-old sister found a 6mm pulmonary nodule, and the nodules gradually disappeared within half a year. These practices are worth learning

Aunt Wang, who lives in Shanghai, is 46 years old this year. I opened a restaurant with my husband in the town for three years. The business is very booming. From morning to night, I often coughed for no reason, accompanied by chest tightness. In order to improve and even find out the reason, I went to the hospital for examination.

The test results showed that there was a 6mm lung nodule in the body, which made the couple panic. In this case, the doctor also told him that there is no need to panic about pulmonary nodules, which are not lung cancer. Your situation is a benign nodule, and it will gradually disappear if you cooperate with treatment.

Aunt Wang obeyed after returning home According to the doctor’s advice, I actively improved my bad habits, and persisted in going to the hospital for a re-examination for about half a year. The results showed that the lung nodules had shrunk to one millimeter. Although they had not completely dissipated, this was also good news. It was a sigh of relief, and I am extremely grateful to the attending doctor. The doctor also said that Aunt Wang’s own efforts are indispensable, and the following things are done very well,

< strong>1. Maintain a good attitude

Many people are diagnosed with pulmonary nodules After the festival, it was either worry or anxiety, and the long-term nervousness led to the deterioration of the condition. After listening to the doctor’s instructions, Aunt Wang began to stop caring so much about the business in the store. Get organized and even learn how to let yourself enjoy life.

Some things I never cared about before , I finally have time to look forward to, to try, and feel that the whole body and mind are extremely relaxed, which invisibly helps the nodules in the body to dissipate.

2. Adjust diet

Although I own a restaurant, I get up very early every day, and I don’t have time to worry about my three meals a day. When the guests are not busy, I only take a little time to eat , because irregular diet led to the appearance of lung nodules.

Now he has started to adjust his diet structure, eat breakfast on time every day, regular and quantitative, and learn nutrition Match to meet the nutritional needs of the body.

3. Sufficient sleep

There is no end to getting up early and late at night. After the disease is diagnosed, he I started to care about my health and sleep 7~8 hours a day, which is much better than before.

A lot The customers who came to the store found that Aunt Wang’s mental head is much better than before. Not only did she sleep less before, but her sleep quality was also poor. The condition is recovering well.

How to judge whether a lung nodule is benign or malignant What about?

Many people think that they just need to ask a doctor, but many people are always worried. As long as the size of the nodules does not exceed 8 mm, they are all benign nodules.

Nodules larger than 8 mm are more likely to become cancerous, and may even be accompanied by some symptoms. Of course, more than 95% of pulmonary nodules are benign, and life intervention can help Dissipation of lung nodules in vivo, so don’t overdo it worry.

For most people, after finding a lung nodule, the first thing is not to panic, you are more You should follow the doctor’s advice and regularly review and adjust your lifestyle and diet. After adjustment, the nodules may disappear.