Maintaining good blood sugar is also protecting the heart

Heart health is very important to everyone, one of the important measures to protect heart health is to maintain normal blood sugar.

Recently, the American Heart Association (AHA) released the latest statistics, revealing risk factors for heart disease, including high blood sugar . Increased sugar intake will not only lead to diabetes, but also put a huge burden on the cardiovascular system.

Glucose refers to the glucose in the blood. To maintain normal blood sugar, we must first clarify the normal state of blood sugar metabolism. According to the WHO diagnostic criteria for diabetes, the fasting blood glucose should be maintained at less than 6.1 mmol/L under normoglycemia. Fasting blood sugar generally refers to the blood sugar value measured by blood sampling before breakfast after an overnight fast.

Heart health and blood sugar Certain association

In women, the absolute The risk was 15.3%, and when the fasting blood glucose was 6.3-6.9 mmol/L, the absolute risk of cardiovascular disease increased to 18.6%, while in men, the figures were 23.5% and 31.0%, respectively.

If blood sugar rises further and develops into diabetes, the risk of cardiovascular disease will increase significantly.

It can be seen from this, maintain A good blood sugar level is actually protecting our cardiovascular health.

Factors affecting blood sugar

Excessive body weight, less physical activity, excessive intake of sugar, salt, alcohol, etc., will have adverse effects on blood sugar control.

There are studies that intervene in lifestyle, so that subjects can increase vegetable intake, reduce alcohol and sugar intake, and encourage overweight and obesity After 6 years of intervention, the results showed that the cumulative risk of type 2 diabetes decreased by more than 30%, and the median time of onset was delayed by nearly 4 years.

How to maintain good blood sugar levels?

Control your weight. Elevated BMI in childhood is associated with increased risk of diabetes in adulthood, a meta-analysis shows. Maintaining a reasonable weight means maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

> Correct bad lifestyle

Lifestyle factors, particularly heavy alcohol consumption, low physical activity, sedentary life, and an unhealthy diet high in sugar, were independently associated with diabetes risk.

In daily life, you should pay special attention to these factors and make reasonable adjustments. Especially in terms of diet, it is necessary to drink less or no sugar-sweetened beverages, let alone replace drinking water with beverages, eat less sweet foods, and put less sugar in cooking and cooking.

> Pay attention to food labels

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of food in supermarkets. When buying, you should learn to check the nutritional content list on the food label, pay attention to the content of carbohydrates or sugar, especially It’s drink.

For example, if a 500ml beverage contains 8% sugar, it contains about 40 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to 8 sugar cubes, which is more than 25 grams Standards, so food labels must pay more attention.

> Early detection, early control

Regular physical examination is very important. If abnormal blood sugar can be detected early and reasonable intervention is carried out, it will be beneficial to the development and prognosis of subsequent diseases .


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