The 16-year-old Michelle Bingcheng milk tea “stuck in the throat” died and was sent to the ICU without being rescued. The cause of the sudden death was found

A young man in Ziyang, Sichuan, who was only 16 years old, suddenly fell to the ground and convulsed while drinking bubble milk tea. It was suspected that the ingredients in the milk tea “stuck in the throat” suffocated to death. He drank bubble milk tea for everyone. of people sounded the alarm.

The so-called “throat stuck” is caused by the choking of foreign bodies into the trachea. The openings of our normal trachea and esophagus are in the throat, and the uppermost structure of the trachea is the glottis that can be opened and closed. , behind is the esophagus, there is a spoon-like structure on the glottis called the epiglottis, when swallowing food, the epiglottis will be pressed down to cover the trachea, preventing food from entering the trachea to avoid suffocation, and the food will be smooth into the esophagus and eventually to the stomach for digestion.

When a person is swallowing something, and there are some movements that require tracheal ventilation at the same time, it is possible to choke foreign objects, such as talking, laughing, etc. If it is small or fragmented food It will be coughed up. If it is a relatively hard or viscous substance, it will be difficult to cough up, and it will be life-threatening at this time.

In this case, the Heimlich maneuver must be implemented in time to compress the lungs by abdominal impact, and the thing that is choking the air pipe should be impacted. The rescue time window is very short, and the chance is small. It was fleeting, like this guy, he didn’t get first aid in time, and it was too late when he fell to the ground and twitched.