Air conditioning is a health killer for some people, there is a type of disease called “air conditioning disease”

A special patient came to the hospital, a man in his 40s. The weather was too hot. After entering the air-conditioned room, the cold wind blew violently. He suddenly had severe chest pain and weakness in his legs. After 120 he was sent to the hospital , After examination, it is aortic dissection, which is a fatal disease and must be operated urgently, otherwise it will be life-threatening. This type of extreme disease caused by blowing air conditioners is actually a minority, but I have to say that for some people, air conditioners are indeed a health killer. There is a disease related to air conditioners called air conditioner diseases. Don’t pay attention to how long the air conditioner is blowing, otherwise it may affect your health.

What is air conditioning disease? This disease is more common in frail elderly people, children and women. It refers to symptoms such as general weakness, perceived coldness, numbness, cough, chest tightness, increased respiratory sensitivity, back pain, and muscle pain after exposure to cold air in an air-conditioned room. , This is mainly due to the physical stimulation of the cold wind, the dust accumulated in the air conditioner and the bacteria that breed in it invading the human body, especially some people usually have mild inflammation of the respiratory tract, and after blowing the air conditioner, there will be irritating dry cough, severe at night, ordinary Cough suppressants don’t work well and need anti-asthma medication to get better.

Although the temperature is high in summer, there is a risk of getting sick by blowing a low-temperature air conditioner for a long time without sweating, so pay attention to adjusting the temperature and blowing time of the air conditioner to avoid respiratory diseases.