Talk about a simple exercise method: exercise like eating “snacks”

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health, but many people struggle to take the first step.

The 2022 World Health Organization (WHO) The Global Status Report on Physical Activity shows that 27.5% of adults do not exercise enough. “No energy” and “no time” may be the reasons for most people.

Actually, moving is not as difficult as imagined. Just like eating a “snack”, you can effectively improve your metabolic and cardiovascular health.

Combined with research and interviews with experts, teach you how to learn from “exercise” Gain health in “Snacks”.

Interview Expert

Beijing Sport University Sports and Physical Health Professor Zhang Yimin, Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education

Beijing Su Hao, Associate Professor, School of Sports Human Sciences, Sports University

Exercise like a “snack”

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A study published in the Journal of the American Sports Medicine Association found that “sports snacks” can effectively improve metabolic and cardiovascular health .

This kind of snack does not refer to afternoon tea with potato chips, but a short, fragmented high-intensity exercise, which can be as short as 20 seconds or as long as 10 minutes.

Researchers asked for a control group Volunteers spent a total of nine hours a day sitting in chairs working, watching TV or reading. During these 9 hours, the experimenters will provide volunteers with 3 high-carb meals.

Under the same conditions, the experimental group needs to run 3 flights of stairs every hour to break the sedentary behavior, and the time is generally about 15 to 30 seconds.

The researchers measured the change of insulin AUC, glucose AUC, Triglyceride AUC and non-steroidal fatty acids, as indicators of experimental results.

The results showed that overweight participation in fragmented exercise The postprandial insulin levels and non-steroidal fatty acid levels were significantly lower in the patients. Both indicators are major risk factors for coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Researchers believe that this short, efficient The way of exercise can be regarded as an enhanced version of “sit for a long time, get up and stand”, which can more effectively help sedentary people improve their health.

A set of “short-term high-intensity exercise”

There are different ways to measure exercise intensity, walk fast , running and other endurance sports, the target target heart rate is generally used as the measurement standard.

Maximum heart rate (220 minus age ) as the basis, the target heart rate range of medium and high-intensity aerobic exercise is 60% to 80% of the maximum heart rate.

Kinematics expert recommendation A set of short-term high-intensity exercise packages allows sedentary people to use fragmented time to move.

1 Jumps

When jumping, the legs should be turned outward, and the arms should be stretched and opened in a “big” shape. Note that when jumping open and close, the soles of the feet should touch the ground first to reduce the impact on the knee joint.


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The standard push-up posture is to support the horizontal plane with the palms to ensure that the head, back and heels are on the same plane. Exhale at the top and inhale at the bottom.

In addition, there are “kneeling push-ups”, that is, the knees are on the ground, the calves are turned up, and the head, back, and knees are on a horizontal line. This method is less difficult.

3 Mountaineering run

Support the plane with both hands, upper body Keep basically still, stepping on the legs alternately to keep the abdomen and thighs tense.

4 High Leg Jump

Keep your upper body straight Straight, alternately raising legs to level. Long-term practice can reduce arm fat, enhance leg strength, and improve hand and leg coordination.

5Cross Jump Squat

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Using the left leg to extend the right arm, and the right leg to extend the left arm, exert upward force Jump up, swing your arms back and forth with your legs, and keep the overall movement coherent.

Generally do the above actions for 30 seconds and rest for 60-90 seconds , to ensure that the rest time is 1 to 1.5 times the exercise time. Within 30 seconds of exercise, the higher the number of repetitions, the greater the intensity.

It is recommended that beginners do each movement 20 times in a comfortable way, and then increase the number of repetitions after getting familiar with the intensity. It is best for ordinary people to train for about 4 minutes each time.

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High-intensity exercise is not suitable for everyone. People over 18 years old and under 50 years old who have exercise foundation Adults can try exercises.

Have high blood pressure, low People with blood sugar history or chronic diseases such as heart disease, children, the elderly, pregnant women, people who are overweight or have no exercise basis are not recommended to practice.

5 ​​ways to move yourself

People who do not like sports or have no exercise habits, try to refer to the following methods to motivate yourself to move.

Into zero

< p data-track="89">Even if you don’t have a full workout every day Periodic, sporadic movements in segments can also benefit. Even just a 2-minute walk can increase your heart rate, lower your blood sugar and blood lipids, and improve your health.

It is recommended to walk instead of driving, take a walk after dinner, work Whenever you have time, you can stand on tiptoe (calf raising exercise), perform chest expansion exercises or jumping jacks.

Timed Rise Activity


Whether you are at home or in the office, it is recommended to get up and move around every 30 minutes of sitting.

You can use mobile phones, electronic wristbands, etc. to set the reminder sound, so that the signal of “going to exercise” is everywhere, and the movement more likely to rise.

Choose your favorite sport< /span>

Don’t worry about which exercise is the most “cost-effective”, as long as you like it, you can exercise. Interest is the mentor, start with the sport you are most willing to touch, practice slowly and form a habit.

Partnership Activities

You can combine your own characteristics of socializing and use the “circle of friends” to increase the amount of activity. For example, take the initiative to join a sports-loving circle, go to the gym with friends, choose interactive sports, etc.

Target smaller


If you want to form a habit of conscious exercise and perseverance, you can’t hit your self-confidence at the beginning.

Novices should not use too much force, start with a small amount of physical activity, and gradually increase the frequency, intensity and duration; physical strength is not very good People who are young should not try high-intensity exercise lightly, otherwise it will be difficult to generate confidence and interest, and eventually they will die without a problem.