Will going to bed late and waking up late lead to sleepiness? If you want to sleep soundly, don’t forget 4 habits

We may have such troubles in life: we want to have a good sleep on weekends, but find that the more we sleep, the more sleepy we are, so that we feel backache after waking up Back pain, very uncomfortable.

Coincidentally, many of my friends also experience similar lack of energy after a long nap Afternoon work efficiency has no small impact. Why is it obvious that you are sleeping, but you will sleep more and more sleepy, which has the opposite effect?

From a medical point of view, this may be caused by diseases such as sleep breathing syndrome, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia If not vigilant, it may lead to serious consequences.

Therefore, if you often feel poor sleep quality and slow physical recovery, you might as well try to do more Reasonable recuperation of these 4 things may improve the effect.

1. Regulate healthy diet

Good sleep comes from good metabolism and mental state, while greasy, heavy taste and high Salt food will not only increase the metabolic burden of the stomach, but also may make the nerves too excited, thus affecting sleep efficiency. Therefore, in the choice of daily food, in addition to irritating foods such as caffeine and tea polyphenols, it is also necessary to pay attention to a reasonable combination of meat and vegetables to avoid digestive tract dysfunction.

In addition, if you want to sleep soundly at night, remember to eat less at night. If you feel hungry and unbearable before going to bed, you might as well drink a cup of hot milk or eat a banana or an apple, which will not increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and can also play a role in regulating sleep.

2. Change behavior before going to bed

If you want to improve sleep quality, you should also maintain a good bedtime habit. We know that people’s sleep speed largely depends on the normal secretion of melatonin. This hormone will be more vigorous when the external light source is weak and the nerve excitability is not strong, thus playing a sleep aid effect.

So, try to use less electronic devices before going to bed, and try not to think about worrying and worrying things, maybe Allows you to sleep faster and more soundly.

3. Proper exercise before going to bed

Many studies have shown that moderate aerobic exercise within 2 hours before going to bed can help improve blood circulation rate and brain nerve condition, and then improve the sleepiness perceived by the body, thereby Act as a sleep aid.

Moreover, if you take a hot bath after sweating a little, it will not only remove the toxins produced on your body It can also help dilate pores, soothe the spirit, and help sleep to a certain extent.

4. Gradually improve work and rest

Due to long-term and frequent staying up late, many friends have disturbed their work, rest and sleep conditions, and cannot get Reasonable arrangement.

If you are forced to do this because of work or life factors, you can try Seek a balance between time and refrain from material creation at the cost of physical injury.

If you have poor work and rest habits, you should gradually improve your living time and try not to Get up late and go to bed late, but fall asleep and wake up regularly, so it may make a good difference.

In short, the quality of sleep is related to human health.Arrangements are crucial. If you often feel more and more sleepy and mentally exhausted, you may wish to try the above methods, which may work.

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