Talented Tang Yin, Qiuxiang in a Dream

Tang Yin is a talented person, and there are always beautiful people in his writings. As for whether this beauty is Qiuxiang, there is a high probability that it is not. Most of Tang Yin’s romantic anecdotes were compiled by storytellers in Suzhou at that time. But Tang Yin really loves women, and loves with the feeling of pity and cherish jade.

The talented Tang Yin has bad luck and bad luck. It would be inaccurate to say that his luck is not good, because character determines fate, and fate is a reflection of character. In my opinion, the word genius is not a complete compliment. Talent and kung fu are two different things. Talent mostly depends on talent, and whether talent can eventually achieve success depends on kung fu. Tang Yin is such a gifted and quite talented person. He was very intelligent when he was young. At the age of 16, he won the top talent in Suzhou and caused a sensation in the entire Suzhou city. At the age of 29, the first place in the examination, Jie Yuan, known as “Tang Jieyuan”, has a sense of superiority of “picking stars”, and is known as “the first talent in Jiangnan”.

In contrast, Shen Zhou and Wen Zhengming, both of the “Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty”, are rarely called “talented”. Because these two veterans are prudent, talented, and perhaps not outstanding in their talents, but they are gradually getting better with their accumulated efforts. Especially Wen Zhengming, he was a “stupid” child of late wisdom when he was young, but the older he gets, the more refined his art becomes.

Chinese paintings often use the theory of “xinxing”. I always feel that there should be an element of “concentration” in the nature of the mind. People with high talent often lack concentration and self-confidence, which hurts themselves. Buddhists say that having talent and being slow in nature is a great talent. You have to calm down and be patient. In the history of painting, the most typical example is Dong Qichang. According to historical data, this person does not seem to be very kind, but he is very intelligent, has a strong judgment on things, and is determined, so he has achieved high achievements. This is the mind at work.

Chinese culture is influenced by Zen Buddhism, and many people strive for the realm of epiphany. In the book “Zen in Archery”, it tells the story of a German who learned archery from a Chinese Zen master, and he practiced for several years just how to draw a bow correctly. The premise is that the student’s roots are very good, and the teacher is also very powerful. It can be seen how deep the power behind the epiphany is.

Returning to Tang Yin is a negative example. At that time, Wen Zhengming wrote two poems describing Tang Yin’s living conditions. One of them, “Jian Ziwei”, said: “The abject and sparse, and the gentleman’s temperament is luxurious. Indulge in flowers at night…”

Buying drunk in high-rise buildings and staying in Qinlou at night, Tang Yin lived a very extravagant life. The reason is that nature is one aspect, and the main thing is to be confident. He thinks that he is fully confident that he will pass the jinshi examination in the Beijing Palace Examination, and he is just around the corner. Unexpectedly, he was actually implicated in the fraud case in the laboratory, and ended up as “the emperor was shocked, and he was summoned to arrest and put in prison”. Although not in prison, but also made a big mistake through the ages. The star-like characters of the past have become the object of “the wall is pushed down by everyone, and the drum is broken by thousands of people”. The mental blow was so great that it was like being thrown into a puddle of mud from a soaring cloud, and never recovered.

Fortunately, the commodity economy in Suzhou was developed at that time, and Tang Yin, who was unable to enter an official position, was not difficult to survive by selling paintings. Therefore, there are many works that cater to the market. This is also different from Shen Zhou and Wen Zhengming.

Tang Yin understands women quite well and has painted many pictures of beauties. The beauty looks at the moon, the beauty sleeps on a banana leaf… romantic, sweet, and lovable. Look at the beauty’s facial features, exquisite, delicate, and charming in sleeping. Many painters are not good at painting women, but Tang Yin deeply understands the style of women. The fluttering coat is the handwriting of a genius.

These beauty pictures, on the one hand, cater to the needs of the market, on the other hand, they seem to express their dreams. After Tang Yin was drunk, he had a big dream in his “Peach Blossom Temple”. Only in this way can we let go of the sadness of the unfortunate fate in reality. The wild and unrestrained temperament suddenly caught the moment when he was crazy and attracted by the opposite sex. This is pure love. (Hu Yan)