Taking money away from the wedding banquet is a way of “community death”

How to take away the wedding banquet money All are “social death” roads

□Weifang Financial Media Special Commentator Zhang Zhiqiang

According to the “Qianjiang Evening News” report, Ms. Zhang from Hangzhou, Zhejiang made an appointment one year in advance I settled the hotel where I held the wedding, and paid 120,000 yuan for the wedding banquet in full. Unexpectedly, a year later, on the night before the wedding, she received a call from the hotel: the wedding company ran away, and the hotel only received a deposit of 10,000 yuan, so the wedding could not be held.

The parties signed with the wedding company Contracts. (Pictures from the Internet)

People cannot be established without trust. In a commercial society, the “person” here certainly includes legal persons.

After all, no one wants to face such a scene – the couple said to the wedding company serving them: “You are willing to never abandon the business ethics roll no matter what the business situation is or whether the capital chain is broken. Is the money running away?”

Recently, Ms. Zhang, who is about to hold a wedding and is immersed in the longing for a beautiful marriage, encountered something that she could never have imagined in her dreams: a shameless marriage cheat.

Don’t rush to scold the bride as a “scumbag”, this time it has nothing to do with the groom – Ms. Zhang was cheated by the wedding company. In the rights protection group, Ms. Zhang found that there were more than 30 brides who had the same experience as herself.

After investigation, Ms. Zhang found that this wedding company had planned for a long time, and had already prepared to run away in all aspects. “This is a blatant fraud!” In the face of major life events, someone has such a crooked mind. One can imagine how much damage this behavior of the wedding company has caused to more than 30 couples.

The wedding company originally used money to run around for the wedding parties, but it didn’t run away with the money of the parties. When this happens, don’t use reasons such as “business is not easy to do”, “money is not easy to make” and “the capital chain is broken” as a shield. The bottom line of morality is a serious violation of the law. Not only is the society “dead” at the moment, what awaits them is severe legal punishment and the contempt of the whole society.

The wedding company is empty . (The picture comes from the Internet)

A more direct point: this is a huge harm to the entire wedding industry, and wedding practitioners hate this “black sheep” to death.

Integrity is the foundation of being a person, including a legal person. Take a look at the choices of those who stick to the righteous way: also in Hangzhou, a gray-haired uncle who sells sausages won people’s praise. He is Mr. Tang from Qingdao. He used to be a local catering tycoon and owed 40 million yuan in debt due to investment failure. After becoming a “negative man”, he was not discouraged, but started his business with a roast sausage, and firmly embarked on the road of debt repayment.

Businesses are like battlefields. In the dictionary of legal persons, there is no such thing as easy. But please remember that to be an enterprise, you must be honest and responsible. Once running, the road in any direction is an evil road and a dead end.