Electric bicycles don’t like to take the “right way”

Weifang Daily News< /strong>“I rode an electric bicycle on a motorway, and when I drove to and from get off work, I saw the electric bicycle shuttling in the traffic flow, and I was trembling every time.” Recently, many citizens have called to report the traffic violations of electric bicycles. On November 22 and 23, the reporter visited and found that in recent years, the traffic efficiency of the city’s traffic road network has been continuously improved, and citizens’ travel has become more convenient. The management of bicycles needs to be further strengthened.

November 22 On the morning of the 2nd, on the east side of the intersection of Jiankang East Street and Dongfang Road in the High-tech Zone, a number of electric bicycles drove onto the motorway.

Citizens report

Electric bicycles ride on motorways and become “privileged vehicles”

“Electric bicycles frequently drive on motorways Illegal phenomena such as lanes can be seen everywhere, and it has become a “privileged car” that can go wherever you want. This not only aggravates road traffic congestion, but also easily leads to accidents.” On November 21, Mr. Su, a citizen, said that especially when commuting During peak hours, electric bicycles run amok and attack every corner, which is hard to guard against.

“Last Thursday morning, when I was driving to work near the intersection of Shengli East Street and Xinhua Road in Kuiwen District, an electric bicycle suddenly turned from the non-motorized lane to the front of my car, which scared me As soon as I jumped, I quickly braked to avoid it.” Mr. Cheng, a citizen, said that there is a special lane for non-motorized vehicles on Shengli East Street, but for some reason, there are still many people riding electric bicycles passing through the motorized lane.

“Electric bicycles are driving at high speed on the motorway, and it is frightening to watch.” The taxi driver Mr. Wang told reporters that there are many electric bicycles on the motorway on the main roads in the urban area. drive. Due to the fast speed and large inertia of electric bicycles, and the low sound when driving on the motorway, it seldom attracts the attention of motor vehicle drivers, which can easily cause traffic accidents. “Many taxi drivers have had the experience of colliding with electric bicycles. I have been rear-ended by electric bicycles twice since I was driving a taxi, and one of them was hit by a car light.” Mr. Wang said, “Now I try to avoid electric bicycles as much as possible.” Bicycles, watch the side of the road carefully when dropping off passengers.”

In the interview, many citizens said that the city has implemented the listing of electric bicycles on the road, and it is recommended that relevant departments further strengthen the supervision of electric bicycles on this basis. supervision.

Reporters visited

Electric bicycles often grab lanes, threatening traffic safety

Bringing the problems reported by citizens, in recent days, The reporter went to some traffic arterial roads in the urban area to conduct on-site visits.

At 8:00 am on November 22, the reporter came to the southeast corner of the intersection of Jiankang East Street and Dongfang Road in the High-tech Zone. Get on the motorway and fight with motor vehicles. Every time the east-west light turns green, electric bicycles and motor vehicles are mixed together, which is very confusing.

On the morning of the 23rd, the reporter came to the northwest corner of the intersection of Fushou East Street and Beihai Road to interview and found that there are special non-motorized lanes and sidewalks on the north and south sides of Fushou East Street, but most electric bicycles go west After passing Beihai Road, they drive directly onto the motorized lane, and there are very few electric bicycles consciously driving on the non-motorized lane.

The reporter also visited Dongfeng East Street, Shengli East Street, Yingqian Street, Dongfang Road and other main roads. It is not uncommon for bicycles to travel on the motorway, especially during the rush hour to and from get off work.

The reporter randomly interviewed several citizens riding electric bicycles. When asked about the reason for driving on motorized lanes, an electric bicycle owner said that sometimes they scrambled because there were motor vehicles blocking the way of non-motorized lanes, and they had to ride on motorized lanes; sometimes they really wanted convenience . Electric bicycles are small and easy to pass between motor vehicles, sometimes just wanting to pass quickly without considering the potential safety hazards.

Departmental voice

There are a huge number of electric bicycles, and measures will be formulated to strengthen supervision

For electric bicycles and motor vehicles to rush to the road The reporter reported the problem to the Traffic Management Section of the Municipal Traffic Police Detachment.

The staff admitted frankly that at present there is indeed a problem of electric bicycles ignoring traffic laws and driving illegally. This not only disrupts the urban traffic order, but also endangers the travel safety of citizens, which has become a major problem in urban traffic management.

As for how to strengthen the supervision of electric bicycles, the staff member said that the traffic control department had already taken certain measures on the basis of vehicle listing in the early stage, such as strengthening intersection duty and persuading illegal acts, etc., but due to electric bicycles The large number, coupled with the constraints of factors such as insufficient field police force, makes management and control difficult, resulting in unsatisfactory effects of non-motor vehicle management.

“We will report to our superiors in a timely manner, and the next step will be to strengthen supervision by formulating relevant measures.” The staff member said that for the safety of himself and his family, citizens are requested to abide by traffic laws and drive safely.

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