“Sweet Honey” “Mr. Pu Chi” plastic surgery again? Plastic surgery is like changing your face, are you sure it’s the same person?

I believe everyone has watched the drama “Sweet Honey, Ashes Like Frost”. This drama has made many stars popular, and Luo Yunxi, who plays Runyu, is one of them , his plastic surgery in the entertainment industry has become an open secret. Everyone knows that he has undergone plastic surgery, but when he was interviewed by the camera, he just refused to admit it.

However, “Master Pu Chi” in “Sweet Honey, Ashes Like Frost” came back with a counterattack, because his plastic surgery is comparable to changing his head , I actually managed to look more and more like my mother’s face, which feels very natural no matter how I look at it. Back then, I was ridiculed as a “snake face” and “spiritual guy”.


“Sweet Honey” “Master Pu Chi” has plastic surgery again? Plastic surgery is like changing your face, are you sure it’s the same person?

Actor Lin Haoyang, when he played the role of “Master Pu Chi”, because he wore a plastic surgery mark The particularly obvious plastic surgery face was complained by many audiences that he was not good-looking, which was a big blow to him. After the show ended, “Master Pu Chi” seemed to fade out of the audience’s field of vision, but who I didn’t expect that he, who was controversial because of his appearance back then, was on the hot search because of his appearance after 4 years.

Actor Lin Haoyang successfully attracted the attention of netizens with the topic of “Mr. Xiangmi Puchi Responds to Plastic Surgery”. Questioned and controversial, Dafang admitted his plastic surgery, and said that if everyone is interested in his current appearance, he will share more about it.

Originally, after the plastic surgery, the face should be almost as full as before the plastic surgery It turned out that after seeing the comparison photos, I realized what “plastic surgery is like changing your face”. In the recent photos, Lin Haoyang’s facial features are tough and three-dimensional, with sharp edges and corners. Red look.

There is no swelling on the face, and there is no trace of hyaluronic acid. The whole face has nice edges and corners. The biggest change after the plastic surgery is the eyes Compared with the big eyes and high nose bridge before the plastic surgery, his facial features are not too natural now, they are so good-looking.

When seeing Lin Haoyang’s handsome face after plastic surgery, I really can’t help but ask, are you sure this is the same person? Are you sure you didn’t change the head? If Lin Haoyang hadn’t admitted that he was “Master Pu Chi”, probably no one would have recognized them. They were actually the same person. The two faces cannot be said to be exactly the same, but they have nothing to do with each other.


Why do some people fail in plastic surgery, while others leave no trace?

Reasons for plastic surgery failure

1. Some unqualified doctors in beauty salons, the technical environment and equipment are not perfect, which caused people who love beauty to get sudden infection after surgery.

2. Plastic materials are unqualified. The institution is suspected of violating regulations when using drugs and selecting materials. Such inferior products will cause great harm to beauty lovers.

3. There are still some people who blindly believe in false advertisements and deliberately exaggerate the effect of surgery. People who want plastic surgery can go to the local regular medical treatment Plastic surgery hospitals, or plastic surgery in regular hospitals are better. Plastic surgery in regular hospitals has departments that specialize in plastic surgery.

Doctors are also experienced, Being able to deal with the complications in the operation in time can effectively reduce the chance of sequelae of plastic surgery, the effect is better, and the safety is guaranteed.

Successful performance of plastic surgery

With the continuous improvement of life, many people’s pursuit of their own beauty is getting higher and higher. Many people don’t want any blemishes on their faces, so women who pursue perfection will choose various methods to improve The imperfections of your face can make you look more perfect.

1. Mandibular angle facial plastic surgery: can be removed The inner plate of the hypertrophic mandible can be improved for those who have obviously enlarged mandible. The patient’s face shape has been greatly improved when viewed from the back. It is suitable for pleading for the arc seen from the back. Perfect people have little improvement when viewed from the back. The method of removing the mandibular angle Resected bone can be seen.

2. Grinding the mandibular angle, facial plastic surgery: use a bone rasp to remove the hypertrophic outer plate of the mandibular angle, and grind the bone Mandibular angle removal is one of the most classic operations in face reshaping surgery. The back of the patient’s face can be greatly improved. If the mandible is too short, there is hope to change your own short mandible. This is a commonly used method in face reshaping surgery. It is common for families to change their appearance after undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery.

3. Masseter muscle resection: suitable for masseter muscle hypertrophy , can be carried out separately from the upper and lower jaw angle face plastic surgery. It is recommended that beauty lovers choose large-scale regular plastic surgery hospitals to effectively improve facial deficiencies. For beauty seekers, it is generally better to do medical beauty projects in public tertiary hospitals.

Because such a hospital has more profound qualifications and more equipment Advanced, and the doctors have also undergone strict training. They have a relatively comprehensive grasp of these operations and will perform operations according to individual conditions. Generally, good results can be achieved and risks are not prone to occur.