In a cup of tea, hear the song of life

In the afternoon, choose an elegant bay window, carefully arrange a table of tea, let the sunlight pass through the bamboo forest outside the window, the shadows are separated, and the time is vivid .

I can’t tell for a long time whether I like tea because I enjoy being alone, or because I feel quiet and happy because of tea. Brewing a pot of tea is a gift of luxury in the midst of chaos.

A piece of tea leaves blooms in the water, and the world is contained in the cup.

Tea is to be imported from the beginning of its birth. From eating tea to drinking tea, taste and smell seem to be the most affectionate for it, bitter and sweet , Fragrant flowers and fruits, all harvested, followed by endless aftertaste.

And I prefer to put tea in my ears, from boiling a pot of clear spring water to a cup of warm tea slipping down my throat, Every sound is pure and natural that can be heard, and the taste of life that can be heard.

The ancients said that water boils three times. In the first boiling, the fish-like bubbles sizzled slightly, like the wind shaking the pine forest; the sound became louder and louder, the water was like a spring, rolling in a string, crowded and rolling upwards, changing the clear tone, the second boiling is the most suitable Make tea; it doesn’t take long to reach the third boil, like the rolling waves of the sea, the waves are turbulent, and the sound is rushing and enthusiastic, which makes the heart surge with it.

You like the rainy day, listening to the water Gulu sang, the smoke on the pot rose and scattered in the room, the damp chill escaped, and the heart was filled with unspeakable warmth.

At this time, I always choose to empty myself and meditate quietly: when it is quiet, there is no noise, and there is a sound; Rolling, steaming. It’s all real.

Gently pick up the pot, hang it over the tureen, and pour water into the tea. With a slight tilt of the wrist, the water was wrapped in hot air, and the brain rushed down, this time I couldn’t wait, it was cute and playful.

When the water falls on the wall of the cup, it is like a fierce horse being tamed by a gentle princess, obediently almost silent; Like the rain falling from the eaves, the water splashes everywhere, and a pond of spring water is stored in the tureen. The hand is raised higher, sharp and sharp; lowered, it is slow and smooth. Every encounter between water and tea is an impromptu creation, weaving a unique tea melody.

A good bowl of tea lies not only in its growth track and environment, but also in the way it is brewed. Whether the pot is high-flush, whether the water is poured at a fixed point or around, and the thickness of the water injection is uniform, all affect the feeling of tea.

But the most important thing is the state of mind. When you are not concentrating, you can clearly hear it, and your heart beats violently when your hands are shaking, and Ye Zi seems to be unwilling.

Once the annoyance in your heart is dispelled and you untie yourself, there will be no taboos, and the water in your hand will seem to behave immediately. The sound of tea and water blending is crisp and bright, as happy as a hundred birds singing together.

The stretch of tea leaves is also a graceful song The song is the caress of the sun and rain in the four seasons, the play of clouds and mists in the mountains and forests, the tea farmers picking tea every day, and the company of birds and insects.

Let’s thoughts fly to the place where tea grows, as if he heard the past when it grows from tender buds to oily. Blooming in the water is the mission of a piece of tea, and listening to its inner life is the tenderness I can give.

After the tea comes out, even if you are alone, you are used to dividing the tea into three cups. How lonely do you have to be to pretend to be a lot of people? Quite the contrary, it is a ritual of facing oneself.

When the tea is divided, until it is 70% full, it is like the sound of moonlight falling on the ground, listen to it three times quietly, it seems to hear another self, smart Lively, sensitive and confident, laughing like a child, every second is different.

Such an experience stimulates me to always be down-to-earth, live real and passionately.

From drinking tea to listening to tea, the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind began to become transparent, as if practicing a magical skill, the veins in the body Intertwined, gradually orderly. When the skills are practiced, I think it is the moment to really find myself.

Tea is a secret room for retreat. It has its own solid walls to block noise and give the power of concentration. Those who hear themselves can be heard by the whole world. I sincerely hope that you will also search for yourself with all your heart. In a cup of tea, you can hear the joyful song of life.

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